How to Share a PDF Safely and Quickly

January 14, 2022

Maintaining an uninterrupted flow of information is essential to the success of any business endeavor. And with modern tools for collaboration and file sharing, organizations can streamline their internal and external processes.

Considering the current shift to paperless workflows, every company and individual needs to find ways to Share PDF as a link and Word files quickly and safely.

In this article, we’ll explore ways a PDF editor can help you share your files and improve the communication speed within the company.

Why do you need to share a PDF quickly?

Using a PDF editor to share documents online offers numerous benefits to your company. Let’s explore the primary advantages of using a PDF app to share files.

  1. Improve communication speed

When you send files online, you eliminate the redundant process of mailing or scanning these documents back and forth. As a result, you can communicate with clients and shareholders at a faster pace. Besides, your team members will get to collaborate on PDF documents in parallel.

2. Remove bottlenecks

Companies that function under massive bureaucracies need ways of sharing PDF files instantly. By using PDF sharing sites, employees can eliminate these bottlenecks that appear during file sharing.

3. Hasten decision-making processes

In the absence of bottlenecks, teams can share file online internally and externally without any roadblocks. As a result, company staff can generate and finalize decisions faster.

4. Save costs

By sharing large files online, you save transportation costs since you no longer need to pay for postage stamps. Also, your company can save time to focus on other profitable ventures.

4 ways to share a PDF instantly

Choosing the right medium to share your files is challenging, depending on the number of recipients, urgency, and file size. After considering all the contributing factors, we’ve come up with effective ways of sharing a PDF instantly.

Share as a file

When you want to share a PDF with one colleague, you can share it as a file in any messenger. Slack allows users to preview the document before opening it. You can also send the PDF file as an email attachment. However, this method is ineffective when you want to transfer big files online.

Share through a file transfer service

To share a file instantly, you can upload it to a file transfer service and share the link with your friend. However, this method is tedious and confusing. And most importantly, some file transfer services don’t have advanced security features.

Share PDF with Google Drive

If you want to share big files online, you can upload them to Google Drive and forward the link to the intended recipient. Google Drive also allows you to preview, eSign, and edit PDF files.

Follow these steps to share the PDF:

  1. Upload the PDF to Google Drive.
  2. Open the location folder.
  3. Right-click on the document. Click on the “Share” icon to open the settings.
  4. Click on “Get Link” and choose “Anyone with the link”.
  5. Click on “Copy link” to add the item to your clipboard.
  6. Send the link to the intended recipient.

Share PDF files with Lumin PDF

Users can also send files free with online editors like Lumin PDF. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Upload the PDF to Lumin PDF,
  2. Click on the “Three dots” option icon.
  3. Click on “Share” to manage access and permissions.
  4. Add the names and email addresses of the intended recipients.
  5. Set the permission parameters.
  6. Click on “Done”.

To send the PDF via email:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Copy the link and send it to the recipient via email.

To share the PDF on social networks (Facebook):

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Copy the link and post it to Facebook.

Advantages of PDF over other formats

In terms of file sharing, other formats like HTML, Word, and EPUB exist, but PDF is the most popular of them all. Here are the advantages that PDF has over other file formats.

  1. Easy to convert

Users who want to send large files online can convert them to PDF before sending. If the file is too large, use an online compressor or converter to reduce the size without diminishing the quality.

2. Easy to edit

PDF files are easy to edit with any modern PDF tool. You can add or remove pages from your file. Also, the PDF tool enables you to sign, edit, and rotate individual pages. And most importantly, you can add comments, annotate, and create fillable forms with a PDF editor.

3. Compatible across all devices

When you share your files with a PDF editor, you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues since this document format works on all devices. You can even open your PDF file on a browser like Google Chrome if you don’t have a dedicated app.

4. Consistency

Regardless of the screen size and orientation, your PDF file will look similar across multiple devices. Unlike Word files that adapt to screen size and page layout, the element on every page of your PDF will remain in place.

5. eSignature

You can sign files online even if you don’t know how to edit PDFs. All you need is an editor tool that has an eSign feature to create and draw signatures online.

6. Security

Most file share sites have security features to protect documents because they understand the sensitivity of these files.

Security features available for PDF files

The best file upload site always prioritizes the security of documents. Here are the safety features you can use when you edit PDF file online.

  1. Watermark — allows you to place watermarks on every page of your document.
  2. Password protection — enables users to create a custom password when they share folder online.
  3. Dynamic stamps — provides special stamps that allow users to add dates and approval details to the document. This feature is necessary when multiple signatories use the same PDF editor for business processes.
  4. Digital certification — uses computer-generated code to encrypt and eSign your files. This feature verifies the editor’s information before giving them access to your document.
  5. Self-destruct buttons — gives the document’s creator the chance to specify the document's lifespan. You can set the deadline after which the document should auto-delete. Every reputable online PDF editor uses this feature to remove users’ files from its archives.


The ability to share your documents quickly determines your business success over time. For personal use, you need to use tools to enable you to share PDF files instantly. With the right PDF tool, you can securely share small and large PDF files without worrying about compatibility and consistency issues.


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