Is Broken Stove Worth Repairing?

January 19, 2022

Has your stove been acting up lately, and you are wondering whether to repair or replace it? Well, many factors come into play when determining whether to replace or repair your stove. In this post, we shall help you determine when it is the right time to replace your stove. But first:

Signs of a malfunctioning stove

Burners will not ignite

If none of your burners are igniting, check to see if there is gas getting into the burner or not. If you have checked that all your valves are turned on, then it is possible that the spark generator could be faulty. Remove the stovetop and detach the burner canister by unscrewing it to replace this part. The spark generator will be in your burner canisters' center or left-hand corner. You should also check for loose wiring connections before buying a new spark generator. If you do not hear clicking sounds when you turn on each burner switch, chances are there is corrosion buildup in the switches, which needs to be cleaned using an electronic spray cleaner to restore connectivity.

Burners are constantly on

When you turn off the burner controls, the valves should shut down completely. However, when you turn it off, one or more burners continue to provide gas, indicating that either the safety valve or pressure regulator is faulty. You can test these parts by turning off all the switches and removing them from your stove. Apply 12 V of direct current to each terminal - if there is no spark when two terminals are connected, your element needs to be replaced.

The flame profile is abnormal

If you notice that flames are high or low compared to normal flame profiles for specific burners, check your solution pressure first. If it seems fine, remove your stovetop and check the connections of your gas solenoids.

When to replace your stove?

Broken door glass

If the glass is broken, this may indicate a larger problem with corrosion in the unit due to leakages from damaged tubes within the heat exchanger part. This means that you should probably replace your entire appliance. You can also prevent further damage by turning off all switches when not using your appliances for extended periods.

Cooktop won't ignite, or burner flame has a yellow tint

This could indicate a lack of oxygen inside the combustion chamber where flames originate in a natural gas appliance, which will cause it to flicker but not ignite entirely. If you checked all other possibilities, this is probably an indication that you need to replace your gas valve.

Smoke is produced when the stovetop is turned on

The technicians from Tampa appliance repair, Hartman say that if smoke comes out of your exhaust vent, even though you have checked all other possibilities, it could be that there are black deposits caked onto heat exchanger fins in your oven area. Therefore, your burner assembly will not ignite because it cannot get enough oxygen. You may also notice this problem when cooking with large pans. This means you need to replace both the gas burners and the combustion chamber/heat exchanger part of your appliance.

When NOT to replace or repair?

A small number of minor issues are present in your unit

If only a few minor problems are current in your stove and they do not affect the functionality or safety of your appliance, then it is probably safe to repair them. However, if several issues and problems are present, you will probably need to replace your stove entirely.

Broken oven door glass but nothing else is wrong with the appliance

If only the glass in the oven door has been damaged and all other parts of your stove seem to be functioning as normal, you can buy a replacement part for the broken glass without having to purchase a whole new stove. This means that unless it is more economical for you, replacing your entire appliance would be unnecessary.

Important things to consider when buying a new stove


Be sure to check with your local home appliances store or gas appliance parts supplier for the best deal on replacement parts. You can also compare prices with websites that offer similar rates across different suppliers. Be sure to have your brand and model number ready when you call, so they can help you find what you need more quickly.

Efficiency and safety

Consider your lifestyle and how often you use your stove. If you cook more than three times a day on average, it would be worth the investment to purchase a high-end appliance that is more energy-efficient and comes with features such as self-cleaning ovens for faster cooking. Try to replace your stove with one that is similar in size and value, so you don't have to adjust the location of your kitchen cabinet or cut into new countertops.


If you are looking at a higher price range for your appliance, consider matching styles if possible. For example, an induction cooktop may be difficult to install on top of an existing electric or gas stove without replacing it together. However, an induction cooktop would match nicely if you plan to replace your entire stove anyway.


Gas ovens are made with different materials for their burners. If you are bothered by fumes, choose stainless steel over aluminum or cast iron. Aluminum may rust if exposed to high heat for extended periods of time, which would make it more difficult for you to clean. Cast Iron tends to form cracks in extreme temperatures, which could be dangerous and cause an explosion if gas leaks into the cracks while you are cooking with it.


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