Keep your home secure in 2022

January 6, 2022

In 2021, over 267,000 burglaries were reported in the UK which shows just how prevalent burglaries still are. With more expensive technology, cars and jewellery available to purchase, the potential to have some of your favourite items stolen is a terrifying prospect and one that should not be playing on our minds.

Start the year as you mean to go on and protect your home from external threats like theft by using these helpful tips.

Look for the signs

Predicting a break-in may seem like an impossible task but often there are signs that suggest someone may be targeting your home. Look for unusual activity; maybe an unfamiliar car parked outside your home or shadowy figures stood outside. This should be reported if you feel like your home is in danger.

Sometimes burglars may leave markings on target properties to remind them of which homes to steal from, if this happens to you report it to the police immediately.

Invest in security

Security technology is only getting better and more affordable as time goes on which makes it a viable option for all no matter the size of a property. Install smart doorbells so you can monitor your house when you are away, get deadbolts on your window hinges for added protection and most importantly, get a home security system so you can be alerted immediately if there is a break-in.

These features can prevent or deter any theft from your home which is why they should be heavily considered.

Home insurance

The value of home insurance lies with the peace of mind you get from having it; knowing your items can be reclaimed if they were to be stolen means the risk is suddenly reduced.

When a break-in occurs, the most important thing is the safety of the homeowner and their family and so by insuring your items, the homeowner won’t have the urge to protect their items from the burglars and end up in an altercation.

Don’t invite them in

Burglars know the easiest mistakes people make with their homes so don’t give them an excuse to break-in. Shut curtains at night so the thieves can’t see your nice items inside, don’t leave keys in obvious places like plant pots and lock your doors; even when you are home.

Stay safe and avoid the unfortunate occurrence of theft in your home. Defend your property and ensure you have taken the correct steps to prevent burglaries.



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