January 8, 2022

Microcement is for those homeowners that love creating an aesthetic environment within the walls of their homes. The substance is also known as micro-concrete, which is made up of a strong, fine polymer-based coating of cement. It can be applied to any existing surface without the trouble of removing the surface. The adhesive and thin quality of the polymer-based substance makes it very easy and efficient.

Remodeling a house can be a hassle when you have to start everything from the start. It would be a hassle to repaint the walls, ceiling, and floors once you go through the remodeling phase. Let’s not forget that it can also be expensive. So, you look for alternate methods to get the job done with less effort and cost.

What Type of Material can bond with Microcement?

That is where microcement swoops in to save the day! The cement is thinly applied to walls, floors, and commercial environments to produce a cement effect. Concrete is an art for some people and, the idea of applying the substance is of great interest.

Luckily, the coating can create a concrete aesthetic even in places usually impossible. Individuals can apply the substance on any existing substrate, such as compressed sheeting and over existing concrete. The final results leave every person in amazement.

What it means is that you can apply the substance to any surface. Why? Because the bonding capabilities of the polymer-based cement are extraordinary. The idea of cementing kitchen floors and bathrooms is also ideal, even where it’s overcrowded with guests or residents of the house. The cement has a high resistance and does not deteriorate.

Where can Microcement be applied?

Microcement on Walls

You can apply it to any wall, a residential or commercial place. People eager to get their walls covered with microcement can view a gallery related to the artwork to grasp the concept better.

Microcement on Floors

Why not apply it on the floor when you’ve worked with the walls? Because it looks even better when you mix it up a little bit.

Microcement on Kitchens

As we said, microcement can be used in a lot of ways. It can cover walls, floors, shelves, and even sinks with a variety of vibrant colors that you can imagine.

Microcement on Bathrooms

Are you worried about moisture ruining the looks? Don’t worry; the substance is also resistant to moisture and can easily be cleaned to retain its perfect decorative coating.

Microcement pools

Microcement on pools? The substance reflects a vibrant and aesthetic look through the water-filled pool; now that would be a magnificent sight to see! The ability to be resistant to moisture and the non-slip nature of the decorative coating of microcement can make them ideal for outdoor and indoor pools.

Microcement on Outdoor

Are you thinking of applying your patios, terrace floors, and balcony with the coating? Don’t think, do it! It is an excellent coating that can match any look you are going for.

Now that you know how great the coating is and where you can apply it, it is time for you to learn about the different types of coating that can be done with the polymer-based substance.

Types of Microcement

The concept of microcement has been going around for more than a decade, and through practice and various examples, several microcement systems and their types have been developed to suit your needs.


It consists of a two-layer line of microcement that significantly improves the viability of the substance and the final resistance. When using a steel trowel to produce a smooth texture of the coating, the UnlimitTed type reduces its burning effect as well.


Topciment has developed another line of microcement coating that consists of only one component. It guarantees a smooth, versatile, and error-free mixture that offers durability.


You can apply the standard type on both floors and walls. It has the unique ability to create marvelous texture through its versatility and capacity.


It is available in four granulometries and can be easily applied on an existing surface due to its ready-to-use microcement qualities. It can significantly reduce the processing time of the material and the finish provides a natural and aesthetic look without compromising the end result.


It is exclusively applied on swimming pools and other surfaces prone to water and other liquid substances. It also has the resistive capabilities to prevent slipping.

Pros of Microcement

Below are a few reasons and benefits of applying microcement in your homes;

  • It is thinly applied over the existing surface
  • Provides an aesthetic look
  • It is available in different vibrant colors
  • Resistive to moisture and has non-slip capabilities
  • Reliable
  • Washable
  • The final results are a spectacle!

Price of Microcement

A number of factors determine the overall price of applying the coating;

  • The total size of the area where it needs to be applied
  • Preparing the surface of contact
  • The complexity of the process

Final Results of the Process

A sealing material is crucial for the final layer of the microcement. It allows smooth maintenance of the substance and prevents the absorption capabilities of the microcement. Once the coating is evenly spread on an existing surface, it is time for a glossy or matte coating. Doing that protects it from stains and deterioration. For an intense look, Individuals can also apply wax during the final touches of the coating. The finishes are available in a broad spectrum of colors that suit your needs and you can visit topciment to get a grasp of the magnificent concept of microcement coating.

You have achieved a spectacular aesthetic look for your home!


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