Moving Basics: 5 Tips To Packing Speciality Items

January 10, 2022

Moving into a new home will require plenty of packing that can be time-consuming for you. Apart from all of the hard work that you need to do, you also need to ensure that every item that you pack will arrive safe and sound in your new home. The last thing you’d want to happen is to waste an entire day packing, only to see them broken once you put them out of the box.

Packing specialty items can be tricky as they can easily break while in transit. Therefore, you need to ensure that you pack them well with proper cushioning and positioning to arrive in their best condition. Moreover, listed below are the tips for packing specialty items:

  1. Hire A Packing Service

One of the best and effortless ways to ensure the safety of your specialty items is to hire packing services that will do all of the hard work for you. They’ll be responsible for packing everything inside their boxes while waiting for them to arrive at your new home.

Depending on the packing service that you’ll have, they can pack a specific fragile item, or they can pack everything for you. This can include your clothing and other personal items. This can provide extreme convenience, especially if you have a tight schedule before moving. However, prepare to pay extra as they’ll be handling everything down to bringing them to your new home.

2. Use Protective Wraps

One of the best ways to guarantee the safety of your package is by wrapping it around with a thick bubble wrap. This will help to ensure the safety of your fragile items upon transit as they can prevent any possible bumps and scratches. Ideally, you should wrap your fragile items as thick as possible, especially if they break easily. You can use it on every fragile item, as you clear out your storage room.

For an economical solution, you might want to use a honeycomb wrap. They’re made of recycled paper, hoping to reduce unnecessary plastic waste to the environment. Contrary to its material, a honeycomb wrap can help protect your fragile items, similar to what a bubble wrap can do. While they’re slightly more expensive, they can significantly benefit the environment.

3. Use Box Fillers

For maximum protection, you should place your fragile items inside a box. This will help prevent damages from scratches, bumps, and sudden temperature changes such as heat, moisture, and coldness. Moreover, you should fill the box with fillers for added precaution.

Box fillers can help protect any items inside from getting scratches, bumps, dents, and keep things in place. You can use foam peanuts or shredded paper as an additional cushion aside from your protective wraps. Ideally, you should fill the box with fillers to the top to ensure maximum security.

4. Use Cardboards

For added protection for your fragile items, you might want to use cardboard to wrap your things. This will help to ensure that your item isn’t just snug with a bubble wrap but also with thick cardboard. While some might think that it’s unnecessary, it can help to give you peace of mind that your fragile items are completely safe while in transit.

To use cardboard, you should cut an appropriate size to cover the entire item. You can use multiple cardboard for added protection. Moreover, you shouldn’t be too shy about using extra tape as it can help secure your bubble wrap and cardboard in place.

5. Let Everyone Know About The Item

No matter how tight you pack your specialty item, if people handling it aren’t aware of the special care that it needs, you might still end up seeing them broken in your new home. It’ll just be awful to see after all of the hard work you put into it and finding it go to waste.

As you place your fragile items inside a box, wrap them around with fragile tape emphasizing what's inside. For added detail, you can even write a personal note saying to provide extra care and caution as what’s inside is highly fragile. It will help if you give the movers a constant reminder about the care for a specific box. Alternatively, you can choose to bring it yourself so you can be assured that your item is completely safe in your own hands.

The Verdict

Moving out is already busy work as you need to pack everything you need for your new home. While packing for your clothes is easy, handling fragile items can be challenging as you need to ensure their safety during the move. However, with proper cushioning and warning, you can guarantee the security of your specialty items.



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