Plastic Injection Molding: Top 5 Advantages

January 20, 2022

Injection molding is a type of manufacturing process that produces many contemporary household goods such as vacuums, toothbrushes, and switches. Injection molding is used to create plastic components in a variety of sectors, including the automobile industry and medicine. But, why and how does injection molding improve your company's production? What are the key advantages of this manufacturing technique, aside from the fact that you can use a wide variety of materials? Let's take a look at it in depth in this article!

What Is Injection Molding?

To begin, let us clarify this procedure. Injection molding is the process of melting down plastic grains and forcing them into a prepared blank under extreme pressure to produce a plastic part. The pressure and heat combination causes the plastic to fill all of the mold's cavities and cool quickly to form the desired shape. It is a common used manufacturing process in mass production like automotive industry and everyday used items.

The properties of polyolefins change when heated, while the characteristics of other plastics, such as thermosets, alter when subjected to heat. As a result, the process must be tailored to each type of plastic. Plastic injection molding is capable of producing a wide range of tiny components as well as larger goods in huge quantities.

Injection molding is used to create a wide variety of products, from small components to large items. Almost every item made out of plastic can be traced back to injection molding. It's a very versatile process, and the plastic components produced can range from tiny ones used for electronics all the way up to large parts in cars and boats. Let's see why it is such a popular manufacturing process:

1. Higher production rates

The first thing that many companies like about injection molding is that you can pump out parts at a very quick rate. It doesn't really matter if you're only small company; setting up an efficient process for injecting plastic into metal molds will create more parts in much less time than other methods, which will allow your business to increase its production rate.

2. Better quality and consistency

Plastic injection molding is also known for creating parts that are of excellent quality. You won't have to worry about inconsistency or other problems, since the plastic is injected under extremely high pressure with highly precise equipment. This will ensure that your products tend to look and feel exactly as you want them to. The durability is very high and as it is a mass production process it is made to produce the same quality in a consistency rate.

3. Lower cost per part due to high output levels by Increase productivity and performance

The injection molding process is a fast and efficient way to manufacture a plastic part. Using this type of process, you can create parts in volume at a lower cost and able to produce large batches of the same product at once, like identical car parts.

This makes it a great option for those who need their products produced quickly and efficiently. In the end this saves labor costs.

Plastic injection molding can turn out hundreds of parts at a time, which will allow your business to increase its production rate. Depending on the size of your company, number of machines, and workforce you have this may not be very beneficial but for larger companies this is a huge increase in their efficiency.

4. Design flexibility - parts can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

Injection molding is a great option due to its ability to create products from high-strength plastics. This process allows you to save on weight while creating a product that is cost efficient. It also allows you to add more unique features. The created workpiece can be design in almost every shape - the mold can be whatever you need.

5. Reduced lead time for developing new products or prototypes

The cycle time from design to market for new products can be greatly reduced with injection molding. This is due to the ability to have multiple parts produced at the same time. You are also able to create more complex shapes that would be difficult or impossible to produce with other manufacturing processes. Your idea of a design can easily be produced as prototypes to see what it will be like and show your clients.

All in all injection molding has revolutionized today manufacturing, being a fast and reliable process of mass plastic prodction. So if you are looking to get your product manufactured, injection molding is the way of choice. You can boast all these great advantages and benefits, which makes it the number one choice for most manufactures.

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