Reasons to Update Your Window Handles

January 21, 2022


Sometimes smaller parts of our homes can be neglected. For example, we may tolerate something like a broken window handle for months. But getting a new, proper working handle could be the big change that gives your home the refresh it needs. Literally, it’ll allow you to easily let in refreshing air.

Opening and closing your windows easily is a simple luxury we may neglect, but we really shouldn’t. Here’s a few reasons why investing in new window handles can make a big difference, not just to your house, but to your health too.

Healthy Benefits of Fresh Air and Ventilation

If your current window handles are getting old and stiff, an update to them will rid you of the dread and lethargy that instantly sets in the minute you think about dealing with them. You may even decide not to bother with the hassle, finding alternative methods like resorting to a fan to cool down or get some air flowing.

Having a regular circulation of fresh, outside air throughout your house is important, especially in a pandemic world. The circulation of air can prevent the spread of germs and viruses that would otherwise thrive in a closed off environment.

Being able to easily open your windows will let germ particles flow away from you. But regardless of viruses and the like, a simple breath of fresh air is surprisingly good for you, you can almost feel it’s positive effects straight away.

Preventing Mould and Damp

It’s not just healthy for you, but healthy for your property too, regular ventilation will prevent issues like mould and damp.

In winter, homes are susceptible to increased humidity and condensation. This is caused by the increased usage of heating and hot water which then combines with the generally cold atmosphere to cause condensation.

These conditions then lead to the perfect environment for mould to grow and spread, similar to how plants need light, the right temperature, and water.

Mould can often start along windows, and it can appear as quickly as 24-48 hours, which is as good a reason as any to make sure your handles and windows are working properly to prevent this.

Mouldy and damp environments are not ideal conditions to live with. It can cause respiratory issues in those susceptible to them, including small children, the elderly, and those with conditions like asthma, eczema and weakened immune systems.

Damp Environments, Unhealthy for You but Healthy for Pests

Whilst damp isn’t good for humans, certain bugs and pests like silverfish thrive in the humidity and damp. These creatures can get in the tiniest cracks, often spotted wiggling along bathroom floor tiles and disappearing back into walls.

Silverfish feast on cereals, fabrics, sugars and even paper. You won’t want to open up a book, cereal packet or pick up a damp towel and encounter one of these creatures.

Whilst silverfish are the most common bugs to run into in these conditions, you may also run into woodlice which are technically crustaceans that breathe through gills and live under rocks, so damp environments are like home to them.

You may also run into centipedes, originally a Mediterranean bug that has now invaded the world. They may even invade your home looking to feast on any silverfish.

Investing in a reliable window handle to easily put on a trickle vent and prevent dampness and humidity is a great way to deter these creepy crawlies – you’d think closing your window would keep them out but it’s the opposite, they’ll just find another gap to squeeze through.

Keeping your Home Warm and Secure

If your window handles are in bad shape to the point they’ve stopped working as they should, you could be doing yourself out of hundreds of pounds trying to heat a home with a window that won’t shut properly. Whilst using industrial tape to keep a window shut may be a quick fix, it’ll be no good for the damp and mould problems described above.

On top of this, burglars may notice and be able to exploit a broken window handle, something that will be hard to get insurance to cover.

The ability to insulate a house for warmth is as important as getting ventilation too, so being able to easily open, close and lock your windows for safety and seasonal needs makes a handle upgrade worth thinking about.



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