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January 3, 2022

Recently, more and more people start turning to nature as you can not only have a great time there, but also enjoy peacefulness. More people are willing not only to run away from the city for a short weekend, but even to spend all of their time in the nature. In this case, building a new house for resting or living permanently comes to mind. For such purposes, a wooden house is the best option. Besides, modern wooden houses are far better than old homesteads that, even though charming, are not the most comfortable choice for living.

When creating a dream space, you might encounter many challenges. Scandinavian log cabins, as well as all the other houses, require not only financial investment, but also time, planning, ideas. Of course, such creation of a new home will give you full freedom to make choices and build a space of your wishes. However, knowing the main issues that could arise might be useful for everyone. The same questions usually bother majority of the people.

A bigger or a smaller house – which is better?

This is one of the main and probably the first concern that arises when contemplating on a new house. It is not an easy task to estimate the size and square footage of the building. Especially, if this is the first time for you to build something of your own. In this aspect, scandinavian log cabins will practically be the same as a house of any other material. Therefore, even a natural wooden house can be both, compact or huge. The final decision depends on your own personal needs and wishes.

To make it easier to decide, it is worth looking into different projects. In this way, you can get acquainted with and understand how Scandinavian log cabins of various sizes look like and how they are planned out. It will help you make the final decision on what rooms or areas you want to have in your home and what is not necessary. Pay attention to the fact that you will not be able to reduce or enlarge the house that is already built, so you must choose the right size from the very beginning.

Another option is to choose the house not only based on the square footage, but also according to the room number. Some of the wooden house manufacturers, including “Maestro Cabins”, have this offer. In such case, you can choose from various projects that fit the main requirement – wished number of rooms. In some situations, this can be even more important than the overall house size.

Sometimes others might share their worries with you – that you should not worry about expenses and the additional space which will be used anyway, so it is better to build a bigger house. However, this is not always true: bigger scandinavian log cabins will often be more expensive as more materials are needed for their construction; exploitation will also be more expensive, it will be mostly felt during the cold season when you have to turn on the heating. Therefore, choosing an optimal size will definitely be a better solution.

Details that requite attention

Many people agree that sometimes even the smallest details can become very essential. In construction work, this is a rule that should always be applied. When building, everything must be very precise, and even before building all the elements have to be well thought of and planned because making changes in the future might be pretty difficult. This has to be kept in mind also when building scandinavian log cabins as they are supposed to become a pleasant space for spending free time. So, when considering building a new wooden house, you should pay a lot of attention to details that might seem not so relevant at the beginning.

Windows and their functions

One of the main details is windows. They allow you to enjoy the natural light and sun rays coming in. That is why the windows should not only be of the right size, but also placed to give enough of light for every corner. It is very important to know which direction the house is going to face – you will always get more sunlight from the South rather than the West. This factor should also be considered when choosing a place for the future home.

Of course, practically all scandinavian log cabins are at least slightly different because you can choose from a huge variety of projects. In each case, you should look for the best solution and the most suitable placement for windows. Lately, big-sized windows are very popular as they allow to enjoy the views better. Even though they look lovely, you should not forget they will also let in a lot of warmth that comes with the sun shine. That is why it would be the best to place them in the eastern or western side. Otherwise, you will have to look for a way to cover up and protect yourself from the heat in the summer time.

In some cases, you might find an option in between – that would assure a sufficient amount of light coming in and a better possibility to enjoy the landscape, but also would not allow the house to get too hot in the summer or to cool down too much in the winter. An ideal project should provide these solutions. Many great projects designed by specialists can be found here: This will help you relieve the stress of missing and not considering something important.

Why is a common space so important?

Often, while planning the dream wooden house, a lot of attention is paid to individual rooms. It is absolutely understandable, as everyone wants to have a personal space to distance themselves from the outside world, spend some time on oneself or focus on work. Also, there is a need for a space for guests, relatives or friends, that might visit. However, the most important thing that should not be forgotten is that in most of the cases you will be willing to spend time together with others.

It is very fun when the whole family or a group of friends meets in one place, chat or cook. Due to this reason, people very often choose having a common space that includes the living room and the kitchen. The same goes for scandinavian log cabins. It does not matter whether you plan to live there permanently or only during the hot summer days, or the weekends, spending time together will definitely be something you wish for. Even aften work or various other activities it is fun to gather together and share daily news.

For this reason, while designing a wooden house and its interior, this idea should be kept in mind. A lot of efforts should be put into the common space as usually it takes up the biggest area in the house. There is no need to worry that bedrooms are small because you only go there to sleep, especially, if there are more spaces to spend your time.

What colours and styles to choose?

That is yet another dilemma that everyone faces when building a scandinavian log cabin. A house from natural wood does not easily match with just any style or colour. Of course, many things depend on whether you choose for the timber to remain visible or decide to hide it. If you leave the wood in the open, a modern style might be difficult to adjust, as the house can remind of a homestead from dreams. In any case, you will have to match the ceiling, the floor, the furniture and their colours.

It would be the best to begin with the main style that would connect the whole house. You should think of it as a whole, not as separate rooms. Only then you can accentuate the differences of each space by using various details or unique solutions, but the overall design should match. That is one of the main rules that “Maestro Cabins” strongly advices you to stick to. A long-term experience allows to understand the most frequent wishes and the most common mistakes that appear when building and designing scandinavian log cabins.

Plain colours match timber the best. Otherwise, a huge contrast in colours might make the interior look very chaotic. That is why a minimalistic Scandinavian style is usually the best option for a wooden dream house. This particular style is often associated with cosy small houses in the nature and incredible interior design. Therefore, you definitely do not need a mixture of many bright colours, luxurious details or large furniture. All of these things will eat up all the space and limit your movements inside the house. As for the colours, light pastel colours are the ideal solution as they match the wood and nature well. Of course, you should not be afraid of darker tones, as dark timber can radiate beauty and modernity. In this way, your scandinavian log cabin will not seem as an old traditional homestead.

Inside, you can also use metal elements that are very popular among northerners. The main accent should also be considered – it does not necessarily need to be a colourful piece of furniture or a big painting, it could be, for example, a modern fireplace. Burning fire brings home a lot of cosiness not only in winter, but also in chilly autumn evenings. A wooden house gives you an opportunity to live closer to nature, so its design should remain natural, non-extravagant.

Why you should not forget the terrace

No matter how cosy your scandinavian log cabin is, during warm summer days you will be willing to spend time outside as much as possible. For that, you should think of a place for everyone to gather, have some snacks and take your time talking. For that, sitting on the grass might not be the greatest option. What is more, sometimes you might need to hide from an unexpected rain. A terrace can be set up almost like a living room close to the nature: it can have a table, a coffee table, sofas or chaise lounge chairs. Everything is up to you, as this area just outside your house must feel good for spending time or simply doing nothing and enjoying peaceful surroundings and fresh air. That is why almost all modern scandinavian log cabins or any other types of houses have an open-air space for spending your time.


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