Screen Door Repair Richmond - Pro Tips for a Damaged Screen Door

January 18, 2022

A screen door is a screen that's been fitted to an exterior door for the purpose of letting light and fresh air into a home, as well as keeping insects and debris from coming in. A screen door can be made of wood or aluminum and has a screen stapled to the interior side so that its outer surface is hard-wearing with no screen showing. Screen doors typically have two hinges attached on each side so they swing easily open screen doors with just one hinge usually jam and are the cause of many screen door repair Richmond requests.

If you have a screen door that's not working properly, it's probably because the screen is loose or torn. A repair should be done as soon as possible. Insects and debris can easily come in when your screen won't stay shut.

Screen Door Common Problems and Simple Solutions

Following are the common problems that can happen with screen doors are:

  • The door won't stay shut. This is due to pliers being used to fastening the spline instead of using a tool designed for the purpose, or because the hinges have become loose over time and now let your door swing open. You'll need to tighten them by unscrewing them slightly. If that doesn't work, replace the hinges.
  • The screen is loose because the staples have fallen out or are pulling away from the frame, or because someone pried off the frame to fix it without replacing the staples first. You'll need to pull out the old staples and replace them with new ones. It's easier to do this if you use a staple gun.
  • The screen is torn, usually near the bottom where people step on it. You'll need to replace that section of the screen either by cutting out just enough screen to let you remove the spline and then inserting a new mesh or spline or by replacing the entire piece. In some cases, you may need to replace the screen door if it's old or rusty.
  • The door is bent. You should replace the screen door if it's damaged because the bent sections can catch on to other things and bend even more or break off completely.

Tools Needed for Fixing the Screen Door at Home

If you're repairing a torn screen at home, make sure to have these tools at hand before you start screen door repair Richmond

  • Sharp knife or box cutter
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun with a full strip of new staples
  • Hammer and nails
  • Pry bar for removing screen door frame

Screen Door Repair Richmond With A Torn Screen Fast and Easy

Step 1: Remove the old screen from the door. If the spline is held in place with staples, remove them with a flathead screwdriver or small pry bar. The spline can also be glued in place so you'll need to cut the mesh along with the frame with a sharp knife before removing it.

Step 2: Clean up any mess left by the old screen and replace any missing hardware. If there is a gap in between the screen and frame, you'll need to replace that section of screen with mesh or spline.

Step 3: Using your staple gun, secure the new screen into place by stapling it every few inches along the top and bottom. Screen Door Repair Richmond is easy when done at home.

Step 4: You can fix the spline in place by using a screwdriver to flatten it back into the groove. If there are any gaps around the door, you can use a little caulk to fill them in.

Note: To prevent a screen from falling out again, you should use a special tool designed for this purpose or tighten screws that have become loose.

Screen Door Repair Richmond Service for Screen Doors' Holes

If you have a door with holes in it, you'll need mesh or plastic that are cut to the same size as the opening. You should start by removing the old screen and spline if any pieces are left on your frame. Sometimes they're stapled in place so just pull them off once you get your fingers underneath them.

You should then cut the new mesh or plastic so they're about 2 inches longer than the length of your door and its frame. Use a box cutter to score along the length of the fabric, fold it over with a pair of pliers and make a clean cut. This will prevent your hand from slipping as you cut.

Once you have your material, place it in between the frame and the screen door. There should be a lip on either side of the opening that fits around the edge of your door. You can then use a staple gun with staples or hot glue to secure it in place.

When to Hire Screen Door Repair Richmond Professionals

If you're having problems using a staple gun or any other issues that are beyond your skill level, call in screen door repair Richmond experts. You may also consider hiring professionals if you need help putting together the screen door frame and installing it in your home. They'll have experience working with both the frame and screen. This may be better than trying to do it yourself because they will know how much force is needed to remove the pieces of the screen door that are already in place.


You now have to keep all these points in mind while choosing the screen door for your home. The best quality screen doors are made of strong materials, look good, and are installed properly to prevent problems. You can then enjoy using them for a long time without any hassles. When there arises a problem, you can try fixing them with your ability but if you find yourself unable to accomplish the repair then without wasting further time, you should call screen door repair Richmond for quick and reliable service.

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