Seven Ways to Make Your Home Guest-Ready

January 8, 2022


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Some people feel uneasy when they hear about guests coming to their house to stay for a few days. This is not necessarily because of their hesitance to entertain them; instead, this reluctance is fueled by the notion that guests will judge their housekeeping skills. Another reason might be that they think their house is not ready to make guests feel comfortable. Remember, these thoughts should not obstruct your chances of creating new memories, making guests feel good, or playing host.

Instead of fretting about the arrival of impending guests in your house, focus on the fact that they are coming over to meet and spend some quality time rather than inspect your home. Once you are relaxed, you can think about quick ways to make your house guest-ready in no time. Here is what you can do to keep your home prepared to welcome guests at any moment.

  1. Freshen up the scent of your house

As guests arrive, they should be greeted with a fresh scent in your house. There are many ways through which foul odors take over your home. It could be cooking smells, cleaning agents, and chemical and toilet odors. If you are conscious of your housekeeping abilities, remember your toilet and kitchen are the standards to judge. So, always make sure your house is prepared with a fresh scent to welcome your guests. Use air fresheners generously a few times in the house. Make sure to keep one spray in the toilet all the time to keep it ready for use. Always choose a fresh fragrance for your toilet. If you are unsure, try Arancia toilet air fresheners with a fragrance that combines sensual scent with citrus notes of juicy nectarine. This scent lingers in the space for a long time, so whenever your guests arrive, you have your toilet ready for them.

2. Don’t go for perfection

Your goal is to keep your house ready for the guests, but don't strive for perfection simply because everyone has a different definition of perfection. Your goal should be to create a peaceful environment for others instead of being stressed all the time. Your good hospitality and kind attitude make the house perfect for most guests, and it can always supersede an immaculate magazine-style home. If you are rude to your guests or not taking care of your needs, there is no point in keeping your house shiny and spotless.

3. Declutter your house

If you have a lot of clutter in your house, it is challenging to prepare your home for last-minute guests. So, when the holiday season is around the corner, start to declutter your house and remove all the unnecessary stuff to make space for guests. You have various options to declutter your home. Start with purging your rooms and taking out things you don't really need. It could be toys, old clothes, pairs of shoes, and electrical appliances, to name a few. Items that are necessary but are not needed now can be managed by renting a storage unit in a proximate facility. You might also want to donate stuff to a nearby charity. This way, when the guests arrive suddenly or on short notice, you have less stuff to arrange in the house.

4. Create a peaceful ambiance in your house

Once you have reasonably decluttered your house, develop a peaceful ambiance that offers a welcoming vibe to your guests. Check all the wastebaskets inside the house, empty them, and put your air freshener on auto-timer. If you have a beautiful view outside the windows, consider opening them to let natural light and fragrance into the house. Finally, add a few fresh flowers in every vase around your house and see how these small changes transform the entire ambiance of your home.

5. Keep one area of the house always guest-ready

If you frequently receive impromptu guests in your house, it is better to designate a few rooms in the house for guests. You can reduce the use of these rooms in your routine to make sure they are available and tidy enough to receive guests at any time. Make sure this room has an attached bathroom and is a little away from the rest of the house. This way, your guests can rest away from the noise.

6. Free up the living room

Your living room is the area in the house that is most extensively used when the guest arrives. It can be used to play fun games, enjoy tea, and have leisure time. So before the arrival of the guests, free up this area by taking out excess furniture like couch and chairs. Instead, you can use floor rugs or seats, allowing a more expansive space for the guests to sit and walk comfortably. Furthermore, remove any old magazines or newspapers to reduce the clutter in this area.

7. Stock up the supplies

If you want to avoid the stress that engulfs you when friends and family pop by unannounced, make sure you have enough supplies in the house to accommodate them. Guest supplies include everything that enhances your guests' comfort and convenience in the house. One major thing is having a stock of toilet paper. Other items include extra pillows, towels, wastebaskets, toothbrushes and toothpaste, blankets, etc., for the guest room, and lots of disposable water bottles ready to be served. Moreover, always have a spare stock of the crockery to serve guests. These items should not be used in the house in routine and keep so they stay shiny and clean, ready to grace the guests.

The use of toilet paper and other amenities multiplies when you have guests. However, it might not be easy to take time from your busy routine to go shopping with guests in the house. Therefore, have your stock of guest supplies ready all the time.


No one should be afraid of guests coming into their house. Instead, it is crucial to make sure your house is ready to receive even the most unannounced guests. Some ways of preparing your home for guests are mentioned in the article above. By using these tips, you can liven the spirit of your house and make it more guest-friendly.



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