Staggered Bookshelf: A novelty in home decor.

January 18, 2022



“It’s better to have a small bookshelf and a big mind than the other way around.” Books are always a good idea when someone spends long hours in busy routine. After spending a hectic routine one always seeks a calm and peaceful place to sit. Reading a book always throws a soothing effect on a person’s mind. So, it is always a genial thought to create a small area in a part of the living room to adjust a bookshelf there. Bookshelf provides a sense of organization. A bookshelf not only contains and organizes the books but it also makes your room a better place to live.

When it comes to having a bookshelf in the room, multiples designs and forms come into the mind. When we look around we gather by searching that it is staggered bookshelf that stands over the other bookshelves. Nowadays, bookshelf is not only considered the book container but it contains a lion’s share in the decoration of a room. In fact, this is the staggered bookshelf that has brought novelty in the home décor.

The question here is that why staggered bookshelves are always a good idea in home décor? There are certain tips that are to be kept in mind while selecting a well designed bookshelf.

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By looking in the market it can be seen that unique and elegant bookshelves are trending in the market. It looks attractive if the style of bookshelf matches the décor of the room.

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Different types of bookshelves are available in the market. Some are huge in size and some are a bit dwarf. Some are having elegant design and some are classical. But the ideal bookshelf is one that is compact in size. It not only saves the place in the room but also gives the room a versatile look. If the size of bookshelf matches the size of your furniture it is “icing on the cake”.


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Another feature that bookshelves carry is that they are at a distance of hand from you. This is the most flexible feature in bookshelves. Moreover, there are number of shelves that allow you to arrange books according to your choice. This makes easy for you to find some particular book. Staggered bookshelves are always a good idea to be the handy ones as they are flexible to have more shelves.

Exhibition of Personality

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The best furniture unit that can exhibit your personality is a bookshelf. These bookshelves not only allow you to arrange the books but they are flexible enough to provide you some space to display your interests and hobbies. You can display your photo album or some kind of decoration piece on the shelf in a very attractive and appealing manner. Displaying of your antique items adds in the décor of the room.

Budget Friendly:

Another feature that most of the people consider while buying a bookshelf is budget. If the bookshelf falls under your budget then it might be the best choice for you. Tribesigns allows you to select a budget friendly bookshelf that not only suits your style but also gives an aesthetic look to your room.

How to make a bookshelf stylish?

Displaying of Ornaments and plants

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You can make your bookshelf more stylish and attractive by displaying ornaments and plants on it. Indoor plants can give a lively picture to your bookshelf. A decorative pot along with suitable color scheme is also a great idea to add a décor in your room.

Filling of negative space

Living Room Set

An appropriate gap between the books adds a calm and balance in the look of your room. It makes the room breathy. Congested arrangement of books in the shelves gives it a shabby look.

Smart LightingC:\Users\punjab computer s\Downloads\pexels-janko-ferlic-590493.jpg

Lighting plays an important role to give an attractive look to the bookshelf. LED strip lights are always a good idea and they give an ambience look to the bookshelf. Remember that lighting should complement the style of decoration that you have chosen. The bookshelves that are lit properly always add cherish look to your room.

Arrangement of books

Woman Wearing Brown Shirt Carrying Black Leather Bag on Front of Library Books

Try to arrange the books by color. You should arrange the books into color piles. From lighter to the darkest gives it a classy look. If the books are arranged according to the unified color scheme then it can give your bookshelf a study hero piece look.

Using as room divider

Room Divider Ideas to Beautify Your Home | Bookshelf room divider, Living room divider, Room divider shelves

Bookshelves serving as room dividers are commonly used nowadays and are becoming an admiring choice now. Designs with open backs allow the light to pass through them and they lit your new room that is created by division. They create physical and visual separation while providing fresh storage surfaces for books and decoration. One of the greatest advantages of these room dividers is that you can move them as and when you want.

Final Thoughts

An aesthetic look of a room is incomplete without having a well-decorated bookshelf. Staggered Bookshelf provides the design, function and organization to your room. Bookshelves are the furniture units that aptly style and arrange the décor of the room.

There are many things to think about when buying and serving a bookshelf in your living room. Therefore, choose one that matches the decoration of the room and has enough space to display books and items. Bookshelves have become an intellectual part of modern homes. If you like books, you should consider organizing your bookshelves properly so that the devastation of time does not damage them. Tribesigns allows you to select the best design of your own choice. But when browsing the internet at a furniture store, please read the product description carefully before making a purchase.






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