The importance of crown reductions

January 18, 2022

Crown reduction is the process of removing the top canopy of a tree and this will mean that the tree is reduced in size. There are many reasons as to why you might need crown reduction. Most commonly, it is required because a tree has become too large although it can be done to improve light and also help to reduce the risks that large branches pose.

So, with this in mind, why are crown reductions so important?

It Removes Dead Branches

As trees become larger and grow, it is natural for some branches to die. If these dead branches remain on the tree, it can be dangerous for the health of the tree and it can also increase the risk of branches falling onto property or people, especially when the tree is exposed to high winds.

It Improves Growth

There are a number of health benefits that come with crown reduction. When you remove the top canopy, it will mean that the branches beneath it will receive more sunlight and that can help with growth and overall health. Along with this, there are fewer competing branches which means that nutrients become readily available for other branches. For trees that bear fruit, it can also help to improve the fruit production the next year.

Remove Diseased Sections

Trees can suffer from fungal growth and pests, and they can also experience decay. When this occurs, crown reduction will help to remove these problem areas of the tree. This will help to remove the spread of disease and decay and will effectively preserve the health of your tree. As a result, the tree will heal better and more efficiently.

Improve Air Flow

A lack of air moving through the tree can cause moisture to linger and that moisture can then lead to the growth of fungus. So, by reducing the crown, the air will flow freely through the tree, and this will help to reduce the amount of moisture affecting the tree, helping to reduce the growth of fungi.

Improve Light

Whether it’s more light into your home or more light into your garden, crown reduction will help to reduce the size and height of your tree. This will mean that you will experience more light. Furthermore, the additional light will also help other plants and trees to grow if they have been living in the shade for some time.

Improve the Look of Your Property

A tree that is large and overgrown will make your property look untidy. However, crown reduction will leave the tree looking neat and tidy, giving your home a smarter look.

Crown reductions are vital for a number of reasons, but they are important if you want to take care of your tree and the surrounding areas. From more light to reduced risks and disease prevention, there are many reasons why you should consider crown reduction.

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