Toronto Skyline: Best Images And Photos

January 6, 2022

The Toronto skyline is one of the coolest skylines in North America. The skyline is definitely one that competes with many major cities such as Chicago, London, and New York. There are various supertalls and unique buildings that help it stand out. Check out the Toronto skyline below.

The tallest building is the CN Tower. It rises over 1,800 feet above the ground. The building was the tallest free-standing structure until 2007. Also, it is the tallest free-standing concrete tower in the world. It is not considered a regular high-rise building due to it not having consecutive floors until the top of the building. First Canadian Place is the tallest high-rise building in Toronto and Canada.

Furthermore, there are 80 skyscrapers that are at least 500 feet tall. The architecture here in Toronto is amazing. It ranges from 19th century Georgian to postmodern and more. I love how modern most of the skyline looks. Like many skylines in Canada, there is a push for cleanliness and a modern/sleek look. Personally, I think it is one of the best skylines in the world. The skyline reminds me also of Seattle with the large spire tower. The CN Tower looks a little like the Space Needle in Seattle. What do you think? Do you agree with that?

What do you think of the Toronto view? Check out photos of the amazing Toronto skyline.

Photos: Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline Toronto Skyline Toronto Skyline Toronto Skyline Toronto Skyline


Lastly, I hope you enjoyed reading about the Toronto skyline and saw some amazing pictures. What is your favorite part about the skyline? Please leave your comments and thoughts in the section below. Also, check out our InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for more cool skyline and urban photos from across the world. Finally, leave your thoughts and comments on our social media accounts as well.


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