What is the best material for Outdoor decks?

January 24, 2022

Are you thinking of remodeling your outdoor decks or want to add one? Choosing the best material for outdoor decks is the most important decision you will have to make – why not make it an informed one?

Read ahead for multiple stone deck, outdoor tile, and other deck material options for your new patio, an outdoor deck, or rooftop decks.

But first:

Why do you need an outdoor stone deck?

Imagine an all-out fun BBQ dinner in the cool and calm breeze of spring at your own private deck. Or, watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand after a long workday – enticing.

Outdoor decks are ideal for reflection and recreational activities, whether the deck surrounds an in-ground pool, a fireplace, or opens up to a garden or backyard. It sounds like a solid addition, right?

This is why choosing the best material for outdoor decks is extremely important.

We understand that the choosing process might get overwhelming as there are many options to choose from, like stone, composite, wood, and concrete. That is why you need to choose G&B Quality Cedar Products

What to consider while choosing an outdoor deck?

An outdoor deck is a lasting addition to your property and thus comes with many budgeting and aftercare concerns. In the beginning, wood was the mostly used, popular, and honestly the only choice for outdoor decking. Now there are multiple deck material options available – however, you have to remember not all options are the same.

Evaluate your options with their pros and cons, and then go for the best material for outdoor decks, the one you like the best! G&B Quality Cedar Products has a great selection of products to choose from.

Pressure-Treated Wood Outdoor Decks

Advantages: Wood is still the most prevalent option for outdoor decks and the most commonly used decking material being used for 60% of all new decks. People prefer to build a wooden deck as the wood is chemically processed and treated to resist/thwart mold, rot, and insects. The price point cost is good, and the material is available almost anywhere.

Disadvantages: Maintaining a wooden deck can become a recurring issue that perhaps you don't want to deal with. Wood is an organic material, and tends to crack or warp with time and use. Initially, pressure-treated wood was chromated with copper arsenate, a suspected carcinogen. However, these days, the wood is treated with less toxic chemicals, making the wooden deck relatively safer for the home.

Concrete Outdoor Decks

Advantages: The concrete outdoor decks are practical, elegant, nifty, and designed carefully – ultra-modern. Concrete, though minimalistic, is a very good deck material option. The best part, though? – It is super easy to maintain and clean.

Disadvantages: Concrete outdoor decks might lack character for some people compared to other deck material options, such as the outdoor tile decks or the Tanzite Stonedecks. Additionally, concrete decks can get extremely hot in the sun.

Redwood Outdoor Decks

Advantages: Redwood is a better natural material option for outdoor tile decks. The redwood also shares many of its characteristics with the cedar wood – its lightweight, natural tannins, beautiful color, and strong finish.

The redwood, however, is not readily available, and might be why it is more on the expensive side than the cedarwood.

Disadvantages: the important point to note is that both redwood and cedar need a power wash yearly, in addition to a coat finish every two to three years. This is not much of a great maintenance program to deal with still, you'll have to remember it periodically and spend some extra cash.

Composites Outdoor Decks

Advantages: Composite decks are predominately made from wood fibers and re-processed plastics – composite decks are one of the trendy decking options these days.

Disadvantages: mildew and mold grow on damp surfaces, and as the composite decks are partially made from wood material, some of these may start to decay and deteriorate. Additionally, the composite options can come at a higher buck price-wise.

Tanzite Stonedecks

Why should you go for Tanzite Stonedecks? Let's look into the list of reasons which make Tanzite Stonedecks the best option of all – Tanzite decks:

  1. Don't fade, scratch, or stain
  2. Can't scratch
  3. Pet/animal and chair scratch proof
  4. Lightweight
  5. Flexible and light enough for various deck applications
  6. Need the lowest maintenance of all options
  7. Come with a lifetime warranty
  8. Last in harsher outdoor environments for a lifetime
  9. Designed to work around and according to the weather
  10. Tanzite Stonedecks won't heat up from Alaska to California or get slippery like other decking substitutes.

What do composite decks lack when compared to Tanzite Stonedecks?

  1. Composite decks can get extremely hot under the sun, so much so that you won't be able to walk on them barefoot.
  2. Composite decks have a cheaper plastic look that doesn't justify its price, will it?
  3. If you need to pressure wash a composite deck, be ready to see some peel off from the surface
  4. Composite decks will fade with the years
  5. These easily scratch with everyday use, and when a composite starts to fade, there is no going back
  6. Can become slippery in winter, rain, or with a thin layer of water

What do Wood Decks lack when compared to Tanzite Stonedecks?
1. Wooden decks have the tendency to swell, rot, fade, split and twist, whereas the Tanzite decks won't fade or get damaged by mold

  1. Wood decks need yearly staining, painting, and sealing
  • Can get scratched by a dog, a heavy chair, or with a rock piece stuck on your shoes

Why Tanzite Stonedecks are the best choice?

To sum up, the Tanzite Stonedecks:

  • Come with a Lifetime warranty
  • Have Low Maintenance
  • Are Scratch-proof
  • Can be used in curve designs
  • Can be used for creative inlay design
  • Waterproof: mold or mildew will not damage it
  • Easy to clean: pressure washing won't damage it

This is why we recommend saying bye to splinters and hello to the Tanzite Stonedecks! Visit Tanzite.ca for more information and get a quote instantly!

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