10 Reasons to Choose Photo Boxes for Product Photography

February 15, 2022


An empty white box with translucent sides and a smooth, white backdrop is commonly called a photo lightbox (also called a white box or light tent). By placing your product in it and taking a picture, you are able to get good lighting, no shadows, and a plain background for your product photo. It's easy to make your own lightbox using only a few tools.

Often, lightboxes are boxes that have lights inside. They are usually made from foam board with two white pieces of paper or one piece of white paper, which is covered with a translucent plastic panel that makes the photo look like it was taken outside in the sunshine. Photographers can take great-looking indoor photos with a lightbox. In this article, we will talk about 10 reasons why we choose photo lightboxes for product photography. Product photography is becoming the need of day due to huge ecommerce boom in the online business industry. And photo boxes are must to have for awful product imagery.

Reasons to Choose Photo Boxes

Your goal as a product photographer is to make your photos appear more attractive than ever. Consistent lighting can elevate the quality of your pictures with the help of a lightbox and your creative mind. A lightbox is an artificial lighting device that provides the best lighting possible.

1. Easily Used for Small Product

You can use a lightbox to take pictures of food, smartphones, jewelry, cameras, and other small items.

2. Not Required Digital Camera

It isn't necessary to have a very sophisticated camera. A simple camera, such as your smartphone, can be used.

3. Highlight Your Products

You can highlight your product's key features in different ways.

4. Lightbox is Cheap

Lightboxes are inexpensive. Cheap lightboxes are available.

5. Make Your Own

You can also build your lightbox yourself at the home.

6. Alternative of Natural Light

If you have trouble getting natural light, this is a great alternative.

7. Anytime You Can Shoot

It is possible to take photos at any time of the day, even at night.

8. Use Editing Feature

Editing product images is minimized when using the lightbox.

9. Helps to Eliminate Reflection

The big reason why we choose the photo lightbox is that it allows us to eliminate any reflections that may otherwise appear on your product during our photoshoot!

10. Have Total Control Over The Setup

It is quick to change the backdrop to a more colorful one or dim the lights. With Total Control, you can easily adjust the surrounding environment to your advantage.

How to Choose the Right Lightbox for Your Product Photography?

Lightboxes are fun and easy to use. An excellent lightbox can also increase sales significantly. Therefore, many online stores are using them for their products. Whatever your level of experience is as a product photographer, you should know how to choose the best lightbox. Consider the following suggestions:


Keep in mind that you need a design that serves your purpose. Is there a powerful lighting system? Can it accommodate different types of small products? When choosing a design, think about functionality overlooks.


The lightbox you choose should be durable so you can move it around. You should choose a backdrop with a waterproof backing so you can carry it anywhere.


Lightboxes of the right size will allow you to move products easily while still getting enough light. But they shouldn't take up too much space. If you are taking it with you on a trip, ensure that it has an easy-to-carry case or bag.


Some lightboxes come in a variety of colors as well as multiple backdrops with a dim function. You can choose from many angles depending on the size of your product. While these extra features are attractive, however, you only buy those lightboxes that have the features you need.


As a product photographer, you may need to travel to various locations. Be sure the lightbox is lightweight and can be collapsed easily and folded flat to make carrying it easier.


In most cases, lightboxes do not have to be expensive due to their excellent quality. In order to find the best lightbox, compare brands and read reviews. More positive reviews can often be found for cheaper brands.


People who wish to simply show an object or message can make great use of lightboxes. You don't have to think about lighting between photos and it will be consistent. You can take pictures of things you're selling online with this gadget.


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