4 Ways To Save Money When Building A New Home

February 4, 2022

Home investment isn’t something you should take lightly. It’s a long-term investment that could take up much of your finances, especially if you’re building a new home. You need enough budget to ensure a durable and efficient home. If not, you could end up wasting your money on a building that may degrade over time too quickly.

However, there’s no need to spend all of your savings to realize your housing dream. Below are some ways that can help you save money:

1. Go Solar

One best way to save money on future electric bills is to install solar panels when constructing your home. It also comes with other benefits like increasing your home’s value and lowering your carbon footprints.

However, those benefits may take time before you feel them, as it requires more budget for installation and maintenance. The good news is saving money with solar panels is still possible during the installation period because governments now offer incentives or tax credits. In the U.S., you can enjoy at most 26% of the system’s cost as a tax credit (as of 2022).

Checking your state government’s solar incentives may also help. Some local utility companies even offer to buy excess power from the solar-equipped house’s grid. Knowing these could help lessen your startup expenses on solar panels.

2. Avoid Customized House Plans

Customized house plans require paying a professional to draft one, which certainly won’t come cheap. A good alternative would be searching for premade house plans online. You may find one within your budget and vision.

A premade or stock plan can be a cost-saver, especially if you have basic floor plans and design knowledge. If you want to include additional designs, you can have a professional make the adjustments.

Another way to save on plans is through free apps or software. There’s no shortage of programs that allow even non-pros to design their own homes. Even if you don’t have to design it like a pro, using them can help you communicate how you want your dream house to appear. This is more accurate rather than putting it in words.

You can find apps that can help you decorate and design your project in two or three dimensions. What’s more is that some allow use without the need to download them to your computer. Once done, you can download your DIY house plan and show it to a professional for polishing. This only requires your time and effort, but not a lot of money.

3. Choose A Contractor Wisely

The next option is to find a contractor wisely. Here, you must not rush finding one to avoid getting issues later. What’s best is to take your time getting quotes until you find one that’s within your budget.

Finding a contractor you can work with comfortably is essential. They should listen to what you want while keeping to your set budget. If your wants seem impossible, they should communicate that to you well.

In addition, you may want to assess their credibility by checking what their previous clients have to say. These days, most contractors have social media pages or websites that showcase reviews publicly. There, you may check the previous clients’ ratings on their services. With these details, you can have the assurance that you’re working with a reputable contractor.

4. Shop The Appliances On Your Own

In some instances, buying the appliances on your own can reduce the overall costs. It would help if you allow your builder to purchase basic construction materials as they know suppliers who can give discounts or deals, especially when buying in bulk.

For appliances, though, you may want to do the shopping. This way, you can have the option to buy from different brands. If you let your builder shop for appliances, they’re more likely to shop from one supplier. This may mean settling for the prices from the supplier and missing the chance to enjoy discounts that different brands may be offering at the moment.

Moreover, when you do the shopping, you can go around shops to scour for promos or discounts. Especially for radiators, water heaters, and HVAC systems, buying them on your own could be cheaper than the ones your builder buys from stock models.


There are other ways to lessen your home construction expenses, but these tips are the most common. Try applying them before the construction begins to see the difference. What you save can be spent on other aspects of the project.

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