5 Eco-Friendly DIY Home Projects

February 22, 2022

Going green shouldn’t break your bank. In fact, effectively incorporating eco-friendly elements into your home may actually save you in the long run. Think of it as a way of making positive and significant changes to your lifestyle and seamlessly fit it into your home. If you want to gauge your creativity levels, then here are ways you can DIY projects that you can do:

Repurpose Plastics

Almost every portable item is plastic, but where do you take all those old plastics once you’re done with them? Most times, you end up throwing them away and adding more landfills. For this reason, it's best to convert them into more valuable items.

You can poke holes in them, repaint them and use them as planters. Arrange them in strategic places of your home, like on the front porch or the windowsills. It’s a cheaper alternative for those who desire to grow their veggies but have limited garden space.

Plant A Tree

Tree planting is one of the considerable and uncomplicated ways to save the environment. Have you been to a home whose property is surrounded by trees? Such homes always have a unique look and feel whenever you’re in them. In the summer, you not only enjoy the shade but the fresh air as well. Imagine if all your neighbors decided to plant trees?

Get information from your local government if there are any restrictions and do it accordingly. You will be saving the environment for generations to come, and your efforts will reflect and transform that neighborhood in ten to twenty years.

Harvest Rainwater

Rainwater is one of the most significant untapped resources for most homeowners. Instead of watching all that water get wasted away in the drains from your gutters, why not harvest it to use it for other valuable purposes. You can speak to a professional plumber about how to properly store and treat the water so that you can reuse it in your home.

Use it to clean your car and home, water your garden, or flush your toilet. You can redirect that water into a storage tank as long as you have set the drainage system correctly from the gutters. Do your research to get the average cost of your storage tank and get that which fits your budget.

Make Your Home Cleaning Products

Most homeowners love the efficiency of using chemicalized cleaning products. First, most of them are expensive and packed in non-biodegradable packaging. Most of these products also cause water pollution once they’re drained into the rivers, and at some point, you might end up consuming those chemicals in your home, causing other grievous effects to your body.

Some of these products also have a synthetic scent that may change the air quality needed in a home. The compounds can also cause allergies, respiratory problems, headaches, etc. So, get creative and use healthier alternatives like mixing water and vinegar and probably adding some essential oils. That combination can handle almost everything that needs to be cleaned. You will also save more money and enjoy a fresh scent in your home.

Setup A Waste Recycling System

Doing this instills the discipline of sorting every waste material into biodegradable and non-biodegradable material. With this system, you can easily commit to ensuring that the biodegradables are well-disposed.

Point out a designated area in your home and start with food waste. Let it decompose and use it as a natural fertilizer instead of chemicalized fertilizers for your garden. If you have lots of it, you can also resell it to other homeowners to use it in their home garden.

As you can see, switching to a green home doesn’t need extreme makeovers. Start with simple DIY projects and see how it goes. Later on, you can budget for more extensive home modifications like installing solar panels, changing the caulk, and many more and see your home slowly transform into that eco-friendly place.


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