5 Home pest control remedies that really work

February 2, 2022

Pest control remedies are needed for various reasons, whether it be to get rid of harmful vermin, or something that's just aggravating. Whatever the reason is, there are ways to get rid of them without using harsh chemicals or calling on experts.

Why do I need to get rid of Pests?

Pests can carry harmful diseases and they damage your home or possessions. A few common pests are cockroaches, rats, bedbugs, termites, silverfish, ants, wasps, slugs/snails, etc.

These pests can become a problem for you and your property if they are not taken care of quickly.

1. Cornmeal to get rid of slugs and snails

Slug is the common name for soft-bodied, terrestrial gastropod molluscs. Slugs have a distinct head and a shell-less body that is kept tucked inside a protective layer of slime.

Slug and snail control is needed to protect your garden from severe damage caused by these pests. These slimy creatures come out at night and feed on tender young plants, seeds, bulbs, fruit and leaves.

Cornmeal is not only good for people to eat, but it can also help keep your garden slug free. Here's how:

Spread cornmeal in places where slugs are commonly found. Slugs love moist environments so these particular areas warrant extra protection against them.

Slug trails are usually clear and can easily be spotted. These trails are where slugs have been sliding across the ground as they feed on your prized plants or fruit trees.

Once you've identified these trails, sprinkle cornmeal over them to form a barrier that will kill the slugs as they try to cross it. Cornmeal is a natural slug killer because it's difficult for them to digest.

2. Tea tree oil to repel ants

Ants are among the most common pests found in homes and gardens all over the world because they are so difficult to get rid of. They could ruin your meals by contaminating your food with their waste.

Ants can also carry harmful bacteria that may lead to some health problems like diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting.

To keep ants out of your home or garden, try using tea tree oil. This is one of the few natural remedies for ant control that really works. Here's how it's done:

Mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle. Fill the rest up with water. Shake well before using the mixture to kill ants on contact.

Tea tree oil also repels other kinds of insects, so you can use this pesticide for other areas in your home or garden too!

3. Baking soda to kill cockroaches

Cockroaches are among the most common household pests in the world. They are carriers of harmful bacteria, germs and other parasites which can pose a serious health risk to humans.

These insects spread foodborne illnesses that may cause symptoms like diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps etc. If an infection is left untreated, it could even lead to neurological problems.

The best way to get rid of cockroaches is using pest control pesticide sprays. But if you're looking for safe and organic ways, baking soda is a good option. Here's how:

Baking soda mixed with a little sugar makes great bait for roaches. Put some in a jar with holes on the lid and place it where you've noticed high cockroach activity.

The baking soda will kill them once they ingest it, but leave enough for the other roaches to eat too!

4. Bay leaves to repel ants and mice

Ants and mice can be a real pain in the butt when they get into your kitchen cupboards and spoil what's stored inside. To keep these pests from ruining food supplies, use bay leaves to repel them. Here's how:

Put some dried bay leaves around areas where there is a high concentration of ants or mice activity to create a barrier that will repel them.

Mice are also repelled by the strong scent of bay leaves, which is why you can place them in areas where there are mice infestation.

5. Vinegar to kill wasps

Wasps are among the most common bugs found in gardens and homes all over the world. However, they can also be destructive pests if left unchecked.

Wasps are capable of ruining your meal because they search for food in the same places you do! They might take refuge inside tin cans or plastic containers where you store your food. Wasps may also build their nests on trees near your home if there's nothing else around.

The best way to get rid of wasps is by using pest control pesticide sprays. However, if you want a more eco-friendly option, here's how to use vinegar:

Warm-up some apple cider vinegar until it becomes a little bit warm. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spritz it on wasp nests to kill them with the strong smell of vinegar.

Make sure to spray it from a distance so you won't get stung by a wasp! Just repeat the process until the nest is completely eliminated.

The use of pesticide sprays has been linked to several health problems like respiratory diseases, skin rashes and irritation, etc. Chemical pesticides can also be toxic to pets and fish, not to mention the environment as a whole. So, options such as vinegar can be a great alternative.

If none of these methods seem to work for you, or you have too big of a pest problem, call a specialist immediately. The Buster Group can help with a variety of pest control issues in your local area.


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