5 Predictions For The Real Estate Market In 2022

February 11, 2022

Every new year comes with predictions for every kind of industry. These predictions are made by experts who have been in the business for a long time, watched the trends that happened in the last few years, and how they could affect the direction of the business. Knowing and following these predictions can help you during the year as you would not be lost in the sea of confusion. You can know exactly what is going on and how you need to position yourself to be on the profitable end of things.

In this article, you can consider the five predictions for the real estate market in 2022. Read on to discover the predictions that can affect the said space this year:

  1. Concerning Buying And Selling

The trends are likely to remain the same as the previous year when it comes to buying and selling. Since there will be more buyers than sellers, the sellers would maintain control over the market and influence the prices more. It means that buyers are likely to spend more money to purchase a property. There would be lots of competitors and competition in the buying space. For anyone who is going to be on both the buying and selling sides, you would need to tread carefully. If you need advice on that, you can try this out.

  1. Should I Buy A House?

If you are wondering whether you should buy a house in 2022, the answer is simple: it's up to you. Are you ready for it or not? If you are for it, then it's a great year to buy. If you aren't for it, you might rue the decision if you buy. Just ensure you are not pressured into the decision by the market. No matter what's happening in the market, no matter the trends, the factors that qualify you to buy a house will never change. These factors are:

  • You must be debt-free
  • You have emergency funds
  • Your monthly house payment will be less than 25 percent of your monthly take-home pay
  • You must be able to pay the closing costs upfront
  • You should have around 10 to 20 percent down payment

It's advisable not to venture into the house buying business this year if you don’t meet most of these criteria. Just try again next year.

  1. What Will Be The Home Buying Rate?

In the past year, houses were snatched up around day 15 and day 21. There is likely to be a slight reduction in the range this year. So if you are a buyer, you might have to act pretty fast as other buyers might snap up properties quickly off the market. If you find a property you love, don't snooze on it. Take your chances immediately. Also, do not let this push you into making hasty decisions you might regret in the long run.

  1. Technology In Tech?

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which is one of the latest trends in tech, might soon become useful to the real estate space. The technology can be used as security for certificates of ownership. Once a certificate of ownership is printed as an NFT, it cannot be falsified. It also would make it easier to trace land ownership in the feature.

Another area where technology might prove useful to real estate in the year would be advertising. The use of technology in advertising has helped the real estate market boom in the past years. As the technology available increases and improves, there will be more ways to leverage it in the real estate space.

  1. Up Or Down: Where Will The Prices Go?

With the rising inflation around the world, it is less likely that the prices for houses will dive. It is unlikely that the prices for housing and property will go down anytime soon. Some experts are routing for a slower-paced increase which will be around 6%.

However, some other parties think that the increase might be as steady as last year's 16% increase, in which real estate made a strong comeback. Whatever happens, there is no possibility of the prizes going down. Some are asking if the market will crash. It seems that is unlikely to happen as the market will keep soaring. It's good for the sellers as they will continue to reap great profits.


Knowing exactly what is happening in a business space, the possibilities are very vital. Now that you have an idea of what's possible in the real estate industry for 2022, you can put yourself in a better position to profit. While all of these predictions might not be accurate, they would be helpful to you nonetheless. Stick with the predictions and have fun in your business. Good luck.

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