5 Things to Think About When Purchasing a New Cooker

February 24, 2022

Whether your current cooker is on the blink, or you’re simply looking to treat yourself to an upgrade, purchasing a new cooker can seem like quite a task. There are so many things to think about and question yourself; gas or electric, do you want a pyrolytic self-cleaning model and so many more.

Below, we have put together our top 5 things you should think about when purchasing a new cooker, written in collaboration with The Appliance Depot, leading suppliers of clearance cookers.

Would You Prefer Free-Standing, Range or a Built-in Cooker?

There are three main types of cooker:

  • Freestanding
    • An all-in-one, freestanding cooker stands on its own, with a hob on top, oven space below and sometimes also a separate grill.
    • A freestanding cooker will provide you with a huge amount of flexibility, and it will fit perfectly into your kitchen, yet still, you’ll be able to redesign your space and move it around should you wish.
  • Built-in
    • A built-in cooker will be, as the name suggests, built into your kitchen units.
    • This means that it will look very aesthetically pleasing and neat.
  • Range
    • Finally, a range cooker is a much larger, free-standing cooker, which offers more hob space, bigger ovens and lots of additions including griddle plates.
    • Range cookers will offer you a lot more space, even with some models accommodating up to eight burners and four ovens.

Gas or Electric? Which is Better?

You may feel as though the best cooker type for you is the existing fuel supply in your home. However, if you’re looking for a change, you’ll be able to choose from either gas or electric. The pros and cons of each are:

Gas Ovens


  • Immediate heat,
  • The heat is easy to increase and decrease,
  • Much cheaper to run than electricity,


  • Uneven heat,
  • Harder to clean.

Electrical Ovens


  • Easier to clean,
  • Much more even spread of heat,
  • More responsive temperature control,


  • More expensive to run,
  • Can take a while to heat up and cool down unless induction.

Dual Fuel Ovens


  • Best of both worlds,
  • Responsive gas hob,
  • Even heat in the electric oven,


  • The hob will be harder to clean,
  • The installation will be slightly more complicated.

What are your Options for a Hob?

When you’re looking for a hob, you’ll have various options when it comes to fuel types; electric solid plate, ceramic or induction, or standard gas.

Ceramic hobs are a great choice if you’re looking for a sleek and easy to clean option, however, you may find that it doesn’t transfer heat very well into your pans.

Induction hobs use a copper coil under the glass panel, which will transfer heat into magnetic pans. This type of hob is incredibly energy efficient and easy to clean, yet you will need special pans to use it.

What Size of Oven do You Need?

The size of the oven you need will depend on how much space you need and how many people you typically cook for.

If you are usually just cooking for one or two people, and have a small kitchen, a compact oven is typically the best choice. However, if every so often you entertain and want the option of catering for guests, or have a bigger family, a double oven may be your best best. These double ovens typically have one large main oven and a smaller top oven, making them ideal for cooking various dishes.

Perhaps maybe instead you’re one to feed the five thousand at the weekends, and you’ve got the kitchen space, a range cooker can offer you up to 4 ovens!

Will You Need Auto-Clean?

We can all agree, cleaning the oven is a task that no one likes! So imagine how good it would be if you could skip it altogether!

An oven with an auto-cleaning mode will burn off all the grease and dried on food inside the oven cavity, by heating it to 500c. This cycle will only take a couple of hours, saving you a lot of time and effort! All you’ll need to do is wipe around the cavity of the oven once the cycle is done to remove the ash.

We hope the tips above have made you feel a little more confident about buying the right cooker for your home.

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