5 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Summer

February 14, 2022

With the UK just a few weeks away from spring, it’s never too early to begin thinking about how to prepare our homes and garden for better weather. Often, the UK sees some of its best weather in Spring, though it can be totally unpredictable. Therefore, March is the perfect time to make some early preparations - with hot days just around the corner along with the clocks going back.

Outdoor seating

One of the best feelings in spring is when it’s the first time in the entire year that you sit outside. It’s almost unimaginable right now to sit in the garden, but that will quickly change. Outdoor chairs come in a wide variety of materials and designs, with plastic generally performing better in the rain, though wood will perform better in the wind. When it’s hot, eating outside is a great social environment, so make sure to pick out an outdoor table that matches the chairs.

Weeds and pests

Nobody enjoys weeding, let's be honest, but spring is an ideal time to weed. Most of our gardens will be overgrown in the winter, and that’s forgivable, but spring is most definitely the time to begin working on tidying up the garden ready for summer. Plus, if we’re going to plant some flowers ready for summer, then we need to stop the weeds from monopolizing the nutrients in the soil. It’s also a good time to deal with slugs and other pests. Crushed eggshells in the soil can help repel these!

Clean your tools

Spring-Summer is the time for some DIY and home maintenance. So, cleaning your tools now can help prevent procrastination on these projects that you want to begin on deep down. Plus, cleaning your tools is the best way to extend their lifespan!

Remove mud with a stiff brush and make good use of water blasting. Beyond this, oiling them will help prevent rusting. Cleaning your tools now can also help remind you of exactly what you have, meaning you can plan your DIY more thoroughly and keep an eye out in shops for deals on things you may need.

Plant summer flowering plants

We would all like healthy plants and flowers to colour our gardens in the summer, and the mistake here is waiting until summer to do anything about it. Spring is the time to plant many flowering plants and bulbs, such as lilies, crocuses, and dahlias.

It may also be worth trying to create a system that can collect rainwater. The UK can be a bit temperamental when it comes to the weather, and you never really know what you’re going to get - particularly in the world of increasing climate change. Getting a water butt is an eco-friendly way to water your plants throughout spring and summer, and will protect you from any potential hosepipe bans.

Clean your patio

Finally, spring is a good time to begin cleaning the garden in other ways, such as fixing up the patio. Any dead leaves are on the ground by now, with some still remaining - so we can start with sweeping these. Jet washing the patio is perhaps the easiest way to remove dirt, but also remove any rubbish that is lying around.

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