7 Actionable Website Design Tips for Construction Companies to Gain More Clients

February 18, 2022


Over the decade, plenty of companies embraced the digital shift that took over the global stage. It’s only befitting for businesses to go where the market is—online.

It’s not surprising to see all sorts of brands on the web: food, clothing, healthcare, lifestyle services, housing projects, and even construction companies. The digital world has become a new merchandising platform for every business type.

With that said, there are still several things you should note when building your digital footprint. For construction companies, it’s important to set parameters relevant to this specific reason. What type of messaging do you want to put out? Are the services you offer immediately visible to your web visitors? How can potential customers reach you?

By answering these questions, you will have a guide on how to start making your website more comprehensive.

But to give more practical guidance on how to achieve success, here are seven actionable website design tips that will help your construction company attract more clients.

Strive for simplicity

Construction companies usually offer specific services. There is no need for elaborate processes and confusing design that could only lead to clients leaving your site.

Always aim for simplicity. At Sytian Website Developer Philippines, we believe that less is more. You want your customers to know that your construction company can deliver professional output right away.

Go for that clean and confident vibe that will make visitors entrust their projects to your company.

Incorporate high-quality visuals

If you want your company to stand out among other competing sites, the trick is always to use high-quality images. Photos done professionally will likely get more attention than those low in quality.

Incorporating visuals that represent who you are as a business can speak volumes. It can amplify your credibility and expertise in the field. Images for your landing page, gallery of completed projects, and other necessary visuals are the critical items you should prioritize.

There are several professional photographers that you can hire per project or add a regular one to your team.

Streamline your navigation

The main goal is to keep clients on your site and make them want to complete the customer journey up to the post-purchase experience. It would be best if you translated these visits to sales conversion.

By streamlining your navigation, you allow your customers to go through a simplified getting to know your company better. It also allows them to get your services without unnecessary complications of several page redirections.

Whether you go for a standard vertical menu or a hamburger one, the purpose should always be to keep your web visitors on your page until they decide to make a purchase.

Prioritize responsive design

Optimize your website in a way that is inclusive for all users—mobile, tablet, and laptops/desktops. It’s essential that whichever gadget your visitors decide to use, the website should be equally responsive among all platforms.

Don’t hesitate to ask IT experts to ensure that the responsive design sticks even months or years after putting up the website. Easy navigation across devices will give your website more positive nods from clients and potential ones.

Ensure fast loading time

Page loading speed is essential to gaining more clients. Why? It creates a productive user experience.

You can’t assume that your website visitors have the bandwidth to stay on your page for long periods as a company. Ensuring fast loading time can also mean ensuring that your customers instantly get the point and values of your website.

A slow-loading page can be a significant turnoff. Avoid using heavy graphics and simplify looks to help your website’s speed.

Add credibility to your site

Give clients something more to trust your company. It’s not easy to choose a builder. You need to consider factors like experience, credibility, and budget. Most often, customers are likely to put their money on someone who can provide safe and high-quality service.

To achieve this, you can dedicate a space for customer feedback or add a page where they can see your client list. You can also include awards and certifications to magnify credibility. It’s easier to beat skepticism even before they second-guess your capacity to provide impressive services.

Optimize for search engines

Search engine optimization is one of the main drivers of success for all websites. You must know how to optimize your site appropriately. For a niche industry like construction, you have to target the right areas, the right market, and the right age group.

Geographically relevant keywords can help digital lurkers visit your website more. Consider SEO a priority task if you want to up your visibility online.

Over to You

The digital arena can be an overwhelming place if you’re used to doing traditional marketing. But don’t let it intimidate you. There are website developers in the Philippines that can help you achieve your goals in no time by using the influence of the world wide web.

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