7 Benefits And Disadvantages Of Smart Lighting

February 18, 2022

The time has come when the internet of things (IoT) is occurring more and more in many households worldwide. This innovation has impacted home systems, prioritizing the need for convenience among homeowners. One new development smart home technology has is smart lighting. Whether homes or commercial places are adapting to it, these innovative gadgets make it easier to control the use of electricity.

This technology is still new but holds great potential for many reasons. Perhaps modern businesses or tech enthusiast owners have already started using smart lighting in their premises. In an era when automation is getting commonplace, it's just a matter of time until the use of smart LED lights is widely spread. Eventually, more households will take advantage of such smart home systems. But before you jump onto the bandwagon, it's best to know both sides of the fence.

Get to know more about their perks and drawbacks, so you can better decide if smart lighting is suitable for your property.


  1. Ultimate Convenience

Smart lighting has the advantage of being easy to use. Switching on and off the lights is no longer a hassle. Your kids or your elderly parents can learn how to operate them efficiently. Smart lighting can also be paired through Bluetooth and wi-fi, which means you can control them easily through apps and other compatible software.

You can declare to turn on or turn off the lights by using your voice. This is eventually useful when you leave your home and you aren't sure if the lights have been turned off. A smart lighting system allows you complete control of the system remotely.

No matter where you are, whether you're inside your room or out in the office, you can access your smart lighting system and check whether they're turned off when you depart your home. Due to this feature, it makes it the ideal system for people with mobility or health issues. They have no need to go down the stairs, roam around the home, or exert physical effort just to turn off the lights. The lighting level can also be controlled through a convenient setting on the smart lighting app. This is a significant step toward building your own smart home this year.

2. Energy Savings

It's easier than ever to conserve energy now that you can dim your lights and turn them on or off with a few clicks. Alternatively, you can set up motion sensors or use the app on your device to do this. Controlling the lights has never been this easy. Every smart switch or light bulb installed in a room can be equipped with motion sensors.

You can set the bulbs to shut off in an empty room and turn back on only when movement is detected. This saves electricity which also equates to money savings. When you use LED bulbs, you can save even more energy. You get the brightness and warmth you're accustomed to while using less energy.

3. Set Up For Routines

You can program the lights using the app. You can freely decide what time the lights should be turned on or off. Because of the pattern, your family will adapt to it easily and be reminded if it’s night or bedtime already. This is particularly helpful for telling your toddlers to go to bed.

During a specific time, the lights in your kids' rooms will turn off. This can tell them that it is already time for sleeping. With these routines, everyone in the home can live comfortably.

4. Customized Settings

Smart lighting can be customized according to preferences and needs. For instance, aside from the dimming factor, you can also change the colors of the lights. Changing the shade of the light could relieve eye strain if you like to read.

If you want to adjust your eyes comfortably after waking up, you may choose to dim the lights. You can set up the color, brightness level, and another customized setting to make the lighting more relaxing for everyone. Your lights can be tailored to your routine.


  1. Initial Cost

LED lamps are cheaper than smart lighting, which is one of the reasons why some homeowners think twice about investing in smart lighting. The truth is that they're not reasonably cheap. Many systems require you to connect lamps to a bridge. For this reason, the price is relatively high for entry-level systems.

2. Bad Setup Yields To Bad Results

When a system is poorly designed and installed, people can find it challenging to use, resulting in inconvenience and dissatisfaction. Hence, it's best to approach smart lighting experts for a seamless installation. Don't try to do everything yourself, as it will only result in failed attempts or complex results.

3. Loss Of Connectivity

Another limitation of smart lighting is that it relies on wi-fi connectivity. Simply put, without an internet connection, you won't be able to control your lights. To allow you to control them without the internet, you can connect them to manual and conventional switches in case your connection cuts off.


The future of home technology lies in automation. However, not all aspects are intended for every user. This is why you need to weigh their pros and cons to understand better whether your home will be improved with this smart home technology.

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