7 Simple Solutions To Boost Workplace Comfort

February 15, 2022

Everyone would prefer to work in a comfortable environment. Otherwise, an uncomfortable environment could affect their performance. You could say that comfort and productivity are linked together. Therefore, employers must be careful in designing the workplace and managing the resources.

Below are some simple solutions to help you boost workplace comfort:

  1. Schedule Regular Cleaning

Having things cluttering your work desk is already distracting; what more if the entire workplace has random objects scattered about? While it’ll be easy tidying them up, the germs and bacteria they left behind would be a problem, especially if some employees are sensitive to it or have allergies. So, to accommodate everyone, set up a regular cleaning schedule by contacting office cleaning Melbourne CBD and other cleaning services in your area specializing in office places.

Since professionals do the clean-up, there’s a better chance that these allergens can be exterminated completely. Moreover, ensuring that the workplace is tidy could boost productivity.

2. Engage With Nature

If you’re an office- or home-based employee, you’re probably working in front of a desk, computer or laptop, and documents. This is great if you tend to focus more on this kind of environment; however, this could impact your physical and mental health. After all, having the same four corners of the workplace around you with artificial lighting and repetitive workload each day might make anyone feel almost trapped or even burnt out.

It’s best to have windows installed instead of having blank, concrete walls. Allow as much natural light as possible for the employees to be energized. In cold seasons, utilizing natural light can work alongside the heating system since it provides warmth for the workplace.

In addition, having the smallest amount of green in the workplace can do wonders for your eyesight. Other than that, it’s best to place plants around the workplace as it could help ease away your stress due to their calming nature. You could decorate the shelves and desks with potted plants or succulents. Hence, it’s ideal to designate employees with one plant each to remind them to take a break by tending to them between tasks.

3. Update Work Equipment

Aside from the environment, faulty work equipment could also cause unease. If you’re the type of employee who goes above and beyond your daily quota, or maybe you’re rushing to finish a task before the deadline, having a malfunctioning printer or lagging company computer will ruin that.

Make sure to check on your equipment regularly. Take note of which ones are starting to wear down for replacement. Have specialists update your software to keep your technology in top shape. In doing these things, not only will rising tensions decrease but so does clearing everyone’s minds since they could rely on their equipment.

4. Control Temperature

Despite wearing appropriate clothes fit for the weather, there’s no stopping the cold or the heat from getting to you. Because of it, employees are bound to get distracted as they try to force their bodies to adapt while staying in one place to continue working.

Schedule maintenance for the workplace’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Just like with office equipment, make sure to monitor it in case it needs replacements before taking everyone by surprise and malfunctioning in the middle of a workday. Ideally, having smart technology software can help configure the temperature without manual controls since it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accommodate everyone’s comfort.

5. Turn Ergonomic

Although it’s typically overlooked in a work setting, ergonomics is one of the essential aspects that could easily influence the employees. After all, ergonomics pertains to the science of designing and arranging things for people’s ease and safety while using them. And although it’s not as physically taxing as construction work, office work can deal heavy damage to one’s body as well, especially on your joints.

While doing exercises during breaks is the best way to alleviate the pain, using ergonomic equipment and devices—such as a chair, monitor raiser, keyboard, or mouse—could be of great help as well. Therefore, investing in ergonomic equipment and devices can help bolster their physical health.

6. Welcome Diversity

Differences are inevitable since no two people are alike. However, the world is beginning to embrace these differences. Thus, encourage everyone in the workspace to express themselves regardless of their orientation and preferences in general. Even in a professional setting, openly showing their individuality can help reinforce employee relationships. Moreover, providing them with a safe space could significantly increase their confidence and work productivity.

7. Gather Feedback

In the end, in spite of implementing every solution on this list, it all boils down to how the employees perceive it. Therefore, before implementing any changes, gather their insights first. You can do this by interviewing them about their work experience or distributing surveys on improving the workplace if you don’t have the time. This way, you could cater to their preferences and contribute to their work performance.

Bottom Line

Many factors could affect work productivity, and the environment is just one. The abovementioned solutions are simple ways of increasing workplace comfort, resulting in work productivity. If you start changing some things around the workplace, you might notice a shift in their performance towards the right direction.

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