7 Soundproofing Tips For HVAC Noise

February 15, 2022

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit works to provide quality air to your home and heat it to comfortable temperatures. As HVAC units operate, they tend to emit sounds, and these aren’t always too loud. If the ones from your unit are starting to sound strange, you need to have an HVAC professional check it.

However, for normal noises, there are various effective ways to soundproof your unit. This article will highlight them, so read on!

1. Purchase A Quiet HVAC Unit

Besides the traditional AC units that emit noise as they run, there are HVAC units that run quietly. Therefore, consider purchasing one for your home. Look out for those with noise-reducing features, such as an insulated base fan or fan that allows you to vary its operating speed.

Alternatively, look for an AC unit with a low decibel rating, approximately 50. The decibel denotes the intensity of the noise produced by your HVAC.

With a quiet HVAC system, you no longer have to worry about noise from your unit disturbing your peace as you relax in your home.

2. Line Your Duct Work

An HVAC system has many components that help it run, including ductworks. This system carries the air from your unit to your home. More often than not, these duct pipes run all around your house to ensure efficient hot or cold air circulation in all the rooms. Although most of the noises don’t come from your ducts, you need to consider insulating them. Why?

This is because they’re the ones responsible for transmitting the noise throughout your home. After your AC emits noise, it’ll travel through, just as air does. Therefore, you need to line the ductwork with an insulating material, such as fabric foam wraps. Once you’ve completely covered the ducts, any noise released will be confined within the ducts and won’t find itself in your home. This gives you a conducive environment to live in.

3.  Fence Your Outdoor Unit

If your outdoor unit is the source of the disturbing noise, consider building a fence around it.

You could choose from many materials for the fence, such as plants and wood. For the fence to be efficient, it needs to be considerably higher than the height of your outdoor AC unit. With this height difference, any noise emitted by the HVAC will be ‘swallowed’ and remain within the enclosed area. If any sound escapes into the atmosphere, it won’t be as high and disturbing as it would be without the fence.

As you set up your enclosure, it’s essential to ensure it’s at a considerable distance from the HVAC. It shouldn’t be too close to enable efficient airflow to your unit for it to work properly.

4. Invest In An Acoustic Blanket

With an acoustic blanket, you can soundproof all your HVAC units, whether they’re located inside or outside your home.

Consider seeking help from a professional for the inside unit due to the ductwork. You’re supposed to entirely cover your unit, the same way you put on your clothes. The outside unit is much easier to cover on your own since it doesn’t have complex connections.

When it comes to finding a sound blanket for your unit, you don’t have to worry if it’ll fit your HVAC components. Such blankets come in various sizes, and you’ll even find some available depending on the model of your HVAC.

5. Place Your AC On Stable Ground

This mainly applies to your outdoor AC unit. Some of the noise you might be hearing could be coming from its vibration, especially if you’ve placed it on unstable ground.

Therefore, you need to place it on firm ground. If your yard slopes naturally, you can concrete a small surface to form a flat platform. Before placing your unit, you can place a foam pad that’ll be sandwiched between the concrete and your HVAC. The foam will absorb any sound emitted by your AC, preventing it from becoming a nuisance.

6. Consider Installing Sound Panels

Sound panels have insulation properties that prevent noise transmission in the atmosphere or into the next space.

Install sound panels in the room where you’ve placed the main unit, which could be the basement, attic, or an empty room. Place the panels on the walls of the said room. With this, any noise your HVAC unit produces will not leave the room, causing disturbance elsewhere.

7. Consider Planting Trees

You might be wondering how trees or plants will help eliminate or reduce your HVAC unit’s noise, but it’s possible.

This method will utilize the same concept as building a fence around your outdoor AC unit. Therefore, you need to place plants near your AC. Since you can’t plant a flower on your concrete floor, go for those that are potted. You can hang two ‘bushy’ pots on either side of your HVAC unit. Add a floating shelf below the unit and place one or two others. With their proximity to the AC unit, they’ll absorb any noise your HVAC produces.

However, as you place these plants or flowers in your home, there shouldn’t be too many. You might end up competing for oxygen with them during the night, which won’t be conducive and safe for you.


As seen in this article, soundproofing your HVAC unit doesn’t require much from you. In most cases, all you need to do is be creative and think outside the box to develop solutions. If any of the tips above fails to satisfy your sound insulation needs, consider purchasing a quiet HVAC unit for your home. With this, you no longer have to worry about any noise disturbance.


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