8 Living Room Ideas To Decorate And Furnish Your Space Beautifully

February 10, 2022

Do you feel your living room looks too dull for your guests? Then it is time to redecorate and refurnish! Your living room should be warm and welcoming - somewhere your guests feel at ease talking for hours over tea. And the only way to do it is to use the right decor items!

Wish to know more? Then read on as we discuss the best living room decorating and furnishing ideas to make your room more lively and cozy. Let’s get started!

8 Living Room Decorating Ideas

  1. Play With Textiles

If you feel your living room is getting too cramped, introduce as many textures and fabrics as possible to make it a boho design haven. Use a small sofa and decorate it with Kilim pillows. You can also include a cotton tapestry to spice it up. If you don’t have space for a dewan, use a thick Turkish rug to make more sitting area on the floor. This way, even if you use a lot of items, your living room will look as warm and inviting as ever!

  1. Use Those Weird Angles

We know how difficult it is to decorate an awkwardly-shaped room. But don’t worry - you can use all those nooks and crannies. Use the most miniature wall to put up a salon-style gallery wall. You can also put up a quirky wallpaper with a huge mirror on it.

If you have any small corner left, introduce a weirdly-shaped small chest of drawers and top it with a small succulent or a table lamp. This way, no corner will be left out.

  1. Bring Sophisticated Colors

Regal chic is another way to go while decorating your living room. This style leans towards shades of gray, black, and white. You can also include a bolder color here and there, like blood red or crimson.

You can go with the classic silver-gray palette for your room. Include a contemporary mirror, a huge statement portrait, and a table lamp to give the signature regal chic look.

  1. Shabby Chic Style

The shabby chic style has gained popularity in the last few years, and we think it is here to stay. This style focuses on light colors and pretty prints. Here is how you can incorporate it into your home.

Choose light or pastel-colored furniture - preferably pinks and beige, or white. Make sure they are vintage, too - maybe a wrought-iron armchair and a cute vintage table. You can also include a small floor-length lamp or go a little overboard and get a small chandelier.

  1. Modern Getup

If your taste leans more towards modern getups, here’s an idea for you. Get neutral colors for your low-profile furniture - maybe a leggy coffee table. Next, add a few pops of color with a patterned rug or some houseplants. Then go a little bold and get a huge statement painting or an oversize mirror. If you still have some space left, get a quirky floor lamp. Otherwise, stick to wall-mounted sconces.

  1. Use The French Style

The French got many things right - and that doesn’t mean just their pastries and pizza! The French decorating style is something you can incorporate in a small room. If you wish to utilize every space in your living room, use it as a kitchen too!

For example, include basic furnishings like a small dining set and a lounge sofa. Include chic decor items like a crystal chandelier or floating shelves to decorate the room and yet not clutter it!

  1. Pairing The Right Pieces

When you are trying to make your room more visually appealing, you have to include the right pieces of furniture. If you have a large living room, always go with smaller pieces. This way, you get to use more items for a combined great effect.

Again, if your living room is small, use large pieces. A huge mirror on one wall or a leggy, low-slung big dining set will look much better proportionally. It will visually expand the room size.

  1. Avoid Too Many Matching Pieces

Lastly, we know it is essential to ensure that your living room furniture compliment each other. But make sure you don’t make everything match with each other. It breaks the appeal of the overall look, making it too similar and mundane.

Instead, opt for slightly mismatched pieces. It binds different textures, making them more seamless, like a complete set. Choose a vintage leather sofa with a contemporary one, mix mid-century designs with modern ones, and create a bold look!


Now you know it is easy to redecorate your room - you just need the right living room ideas and the right pieces for that! And the 8 ideas mentioned above will help you out on your quest to redecorate your room. So what are you waiting for? Visit your home furniture store today and buy everything you need. All the best!


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