A guide to buying a house number 

February 28, 2022

So you think you finally have the exterior of your home looking just the way you want it. The colour scheme is lovely, your doors and windows look very chic and stylish, the roofing and siding materials you’ve chosen are the perfect complement to the rest, and your landscaping and outdoor lighting set the whole thing off just right. Your house is truly a reflection of your own personality and tastes, your unique statement to the neighbourhood and the world, and all your work has greatly increased its curb appeal and property value.

There’s just one thing you’ve probably left unconsidered, a common oversight that many homeowners commit, and that’s your house numbers. You see, without the correct house number, it’s really an impossibility for your exterior decor to completely express who you are. It’s rather like a famous artist neglecting to put their signature on a masterpiece. But never fear, House Numbers has the solution. We create made-to-order house numbers in a wide variety of modern fonts, custom originals that can be designed to accentuate any type of decor and suit any budget. We’ve made choosing the right house number for your home simple, easy, and fun. The first step on your journey is to learn about the main points to consider when choosing your house numbers.

House Numbers’ Guide To Great House Numbers

Visibility & Readability

The very first thing to consider when buying a house number is how easily it can be seen by people trying to find your home. This involves several factors which we’ll discuss separately.

  • Size - House number sizes can range from the tiny to the humongous. Most experts recommend that the digits be at least 100mm in height to be seen clearly from the street, but you might choose to have larger numbers if your house is a distance from the road, or if you just like the look of bigger house numbers. Too large, however, and you might start getting complaints from the neighbours or an official visit to inform you of a violation of a city ordinance.
  • Font - For maximum legibility, you’ll want to choose a typeface that’s simple and bold, but don’t be afraid to express your creative flair with a more stylistic font if your house numbers will be placed where they can be easily read in any circumstance. Just remember that the fancier the typeface the harder it will be to make out from a distance.
  • Colour - Bright colours like orange, red, yellow, and fluorescents are certainly more visible, but they might not complement your exterior paint scheme very well, though if you’re going for a quirky look they might work. Darker colours aren’t necessarily harder to see depending on the next point.
  • Contrast - darker coloured house numbers can be very visible if mounted on a light coloured surface, and of course, the opposite is true of light coloured numbers. Contrast can also be used with your house numbers to create a pleasing aesthetic effect with a little imagination, but always consider visibility.
  • Placement - It’s important to place your new house numbers where people will expect to find them. Above or beside the front door or garage door are the first places people usually look besides the mailbox. A front yard post light is another. Alternatively, you can place them in a spot where they simply can’t be missed. It’s a good idea to have some lighting near your house numbers, or even a small spotlight highlighting them, but make sure the light isn't too bright or reflected glare could make them difficult to read. Other things to think about when choosing the best place for your house numbers is whether the holiday decorations you normally display will cover them up and if trees and other obstructions will block the line of sight from strategic locations.

Construction Material

Your house numbers, being outdoor fixtures, will be subjected to all the destructive environmental conditions that nature can serve up, so you want them to be constructed out of a material that can endure the abuse. Here are some of the more common choices of house number materials.

  • Aluminium - This is a popular choice because it is both extremely durable and attractive, as well as affordable. At House Numbers, we specialize in custom solid aluminium creations, a sturdy 8mm thick, in your choice of contemporary powder-coated black or white or sophisticated brushed aluminium. We proudly source all our materials from local suppliers in Melbourne.
  • Steel - Stainless steel is also an excellent choice for house numbers and it can be powder coated or painted in a variety of finishes. Untreated steel or iron can also be used to create a rusty, weatherworn effect if you desire.
  • Wood - Traditionally house numbers have been carved or assembled from wood and then stained or painted, and they are still easily purchased today. If left untreated or neglected though they will eventually succumb to fading, rot, and deterioration.
  • Plastic and vinyl - House numbers made from some variety of plastic or vinyl are a low-cost alternative but they can also be affected by the elements over time and they don’t convey the stylish appearance most homeowners are looking for.


Whatever type of house numbers you ultimately decide on and wherever you choose to place them, you’ll want to ensure that they stay where you put them and not blow away with every errant breeze. The method you use to securely attach your new house numbers to your home is largely dependent on the type of material you’re fixing them to. If you’re mounting them on stone or masonry, you'll need a drill with a masonry bit to drill the holes and rods and spaces to hold them in place. If you’re mounting them to a wooden surface, you can also use rods and spacers and will find it easier to drill the holes without requiring a masonry bit. There are also commercial grade glues and adhesives on the market that can work well for the purpose. You’ll want to inspect your house numbers from time to time to make sure they are still securely in place.

Your house numbers are usually the first thing that visitors to your home see, and thus they are the element that creates that oh-so-important first impression. It’s our mission at House Numbers to make that impression a positive one. We’re dedicated to creating the highest-quality custom house numbers to be found in Australia. Browse our gallery for inspiration. For more information or to order, simply contact us, and we’ll get started on the perfect house numbers for your home.

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