Best Advice For First-Time Commercial Real Estate Buyers

February 15, 2022


Buying your first commercial property can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Whether you want to purchase it as an investment or for your business, a lot goes into finding the perfect option. Remember that commercial properties are different from residential ones. You cannot rely on your residential buying experience while picking an office space.

The first time can be a challenge, so be prepared to deal with your doubts and apprehension. However, you need not worry a lot because a little awareness can make the process easy. Everything boils down to understanding the basics of searching for the best options, negotiating, financing, and closing the ideal deal. All you need is some advice that covers these fronts. Here are the best tips for first-time commercial real estate buyers.

Get education on commercial real estate

As a newbie, you must start by brushing up on the basics of commercial real estate. Do not depend on the past knowledge of the residential markets. Research to know the commercial market better, understand its rules and study the prevailing trends. You can go the extra mile by talking to industry experts. Remember that the best time to buy office space is now. Moreover, you need to do it sooner than later if you plan to establish a startup or upscale your business. Before entering a deal, check the prospects of an exit strategy because you may want to switch or sell at some point down the line.

Know your budget

This rule is the same as for buying a home or an investment asset. Never start without knowing your budget first. If you dive in too soon, you may end up wasting time on checking properties that do not fit into your wallet. Even worse, you could indulge in impulse buying and regret it later. Decide how much you can get in for the down payment and afford monthly mortgage payments. The amount should not disrupt your business, and it should neither burden the monthly budgets. Once you define your budget, you can start looking for options.

Pick the right location

The best way to start searching is to narrow it down by budget and location. After sorting out your budget, pick the right location for your commercial space. If it is a retail space, ensure you get enough foot traffic there. For an office building, check its feasibility for employees and clients. You cannot expect people to feel happy about their office being in a remote area. Likewise, it should be accessible to the clients who may want to visit your office at some point. Up and coming locations aren't always the best for commercial purposes, so choose carefully.

Work with an expert

The best piece of advice for first-time commercial real estate buyers is to work with an expert. Look for someone specializing in commercial properties in the area of preference. You can trust them for having the right options in retail spaces and office buildings for sale according to your needs. Further, they can offer some helpful recommendations and guidance to help you pick the right ones. Working with a local expert is always an advantage as they can get you a hidden gem.

Dig deep while accessing the options

After finding an expert to show you around, you can start looking at the options. Aesthetics and location feasibility are often the only things first-timers pay attention to. But they are only the tip of the iceberg. Finding a perfect property for your office, warehouse, or retail space requires a lot of work. Dig deeper and consider factors that affect the end-use. Do not expect a retail space to work for a warehouse or an office because the needs differ. Consider the layout, logistics, and compliance requirements to find an ideal place for your purpose. You may even seek guidance from a designer to double-check the feasibility of the location.

Ensure flexibility

Every location has real estate laws and restrictions that determine the ability to modify the interiors and exteriors of the property. You must understand these laws and pick a place that offers room for flexibility. It is crucial to ensure flexibility as you may want to expand or modify operations at some point. You may even want to lease the property if you close down the business later. Consider the property taxes and long-term maintenance costs for the commercial space. Think long-term and choose wisely, keeping flexibility on top of your mind.

Be ready with financing

Perhaps the most significant advice for first-time buyers is to be ready with financing. Things will not be the same as residential financing because you have a lot more to consider. Research your mortgage options and compare to find the best deals. Knowing them in advance enables you to seal the best deal when it comes along. Understand the prevailing interest rates and implications of long- and short-term debt cycles on your business. Stress-test your capabilities by considering the effect of unexpected events on your existing cash flows. After all, you will not want to buy a property that affects your business in the long run.

Check the upside potential

Even as you buy a property to run your business, think like an investor. After all, any real estate asset is an investment in the long run. Check the upside potential of the property and ensure value appreciation. As a buyer, you will want your money to grow over time. The upside potential refers to equity and depends on factors like location development, economic opportunities, and market growth in the area. Zoning rights are also a deciding factor for the upside potential of commercial spaces.

First-time commercial real estate buying need not be as overwhelming as you expect. Just make sure you choose wisely and think for the long-term, and you can pick the perfect place that fits into your budget. Partnering with an expert can give you more confidence as a beginner. Find a real estate specialist you can rely on, and the entire process will be a breeze.



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