Best Cities for Veterans to Move to in the U.S 

February 10, 2022

After years of dedicated service to the nation, military veterans deserve the best-retired life they can get. The military to civilian life transition can be quite difficult, especially as veterans have to unpack all the trauma and impact of the experiences they’ve been through. It's no wonder that PTSD used to be known as ‘shellshock syndrome’ in the post-World War eras. Even now, whether they retire after completing their service or due to an injury, life is not easy for these veterans.

In this highly connected era, there are more resources for veterans and their families to make this transition smoother. Using network connections like Cox cable bundles, they can research what sort of place they’d like to live in, and what sort of activities they can do there. In case of any injury, they can also see what medical and mental health resources they can access. There are many cities that accommodate veterans quite well, so you should look for them if you or any of your family members are making the move to civilian life.

These cities are ranked by a personal finance website and take the following factors into account: employment, quality of life, health, economy, and cost of living. So, here is a list of the best cities you should choose from when thinking about moving.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has been ranked as the top city for veterans to live in. Florida is generally a great place to retire and has some excellent retirement communities you can explore. The warm weather there is also great for older people who do not want to live out their retired life in cold places.

Irvine, California

Irvine in California has one of the lowest veteran unemployment rates in the country. Apart from that, it ranks the highest for overall employment opportunities and health. This means that it is a great place for veterans to live in and get the necessary physical and mental health treatments they need. The climate here is also quite pleasant.

Tampa, Florida

Another Florida city, Tampa is home to over 98,000 veterans. This means that there are appropriate support systems in place there, and veterans won’t feel isolated. They can work as a community to deal with their shared experiences and cope with them. They can also live in well-equipped and luxurious retirement communities if they wish to do so.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh ranks in the top ten for both employment and economy. Therefore, veterans won’t find themselves unemployed and homeless if they move here. There are job opportunities and positions open for these veterans, with all the systems and support in place. In addition, the city has a very suburban vibe, so you can enjoy a peaceful life here.

Austin, Texas

Texas is one of the states where the citizens hold a lot of respect for the military. Therefore, many people appreciate the sacrifices veterans have made. Austin is one of the best cities in Texas and has all the facilities for a high quality of life and healthcare.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs ranked second on this list for quality of life. Furthermore, it has the highest veteran population in the country, along with a few other cities. With its weather and facilities, the state of Colorado is a great place to live in and is an ideal place for veterans to live out their citizen days.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you’d prefer beachside living, then Virginia Beach is the perfect option. It ranks the third-highest for its economy and has one of the lowest veteran homelessness rates in the country. This city is also home to one of the largest veteran populations in the US, so you won’t find yourself lacking any support or facilities.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is ranked second across the nation when it comes to its economy for veterans. In addition, it ranks fourth for quality of life and also has warm weather. This desert city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and has all the facilities you need for a relaxed and peaceful civilian life.

Gilbert, Arizona

Another Arizona city, Gilbert offers a decent economy, a high quality of life, and multiple employment opportunities. It ranks highly for economy, employment opportunities, and for quality of life. This means that it ranks well overall, making it a great place for veterans to move to.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lastly, Minneapolis is known for its parks and lakes. It is quite a scenic place to live and has many of the facilities you need for a smooth transition to civil life. It ranks well overall for veterans, is also home to many cultural landmarks.

In conclusion, there are many cities that veterans can move to for a better military to a civilian life transition. You just need to do your research properly and make sure you get the housing and employment arrangements confirmed before you make the move.

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