Can you Ever Truly Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs?

February 10, 2022

A woman waking up on the bed

Although there are numerous pests that can infest homes, perhaps bed bugs are the worst.

These tiny insects can be hard to detect at first, but they will make their presence known quickly as they multiply with haste.

A report by Business Wire shows that the US now has a major problem with these pests, especially in cities. Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York are three of the most infested cities when it comes to bed bugs.

How can you spot if you have bed bugs, and can you rid your home completely of them?

How to spot if your home has bed bugs

The first time many people become aware that they have bed bugs is after being bitten.

Bed bugs are very small and often only come out at night when everyone in a home is sleeping.

As you sleep, you produce more carbon dioxide, and along with your rising body temperature, this attracts bed bugs. This is why they typically feed on humans when they sleep.

Bed bug bites are often displayed as red bumps on the skin. They will also very often be a series of bites in a straight line.

Other signs that you have bed bugs

Some people notice a musty odor that is given off by the bed bugs’ scent glands. They will also leave signs of their existence in other ways.

You may spot small rust-colored marks on bedsheets. These are from bed bug fecal matter. There may also be eggs, skin, eggshells, and bloodstains.

Fortunately, there are various methods to remove pests from your home, and these include the extermination of bed bugs.

How can you free your home from bed bugs?

There are plenty of solutions for tackling bed bugs. A quick search of the internet will show you how widespread the problem has become, and just how many ways there are to control them.

However, not all these bed bug cures will work.

You will find all kinds of suggestions online for the removal of bed bugs. These include vacuuming, borax, tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, and the use of extreme temperatures.

Some of these cures will work on local problems. Say for instance you stayed in a cheap guesthouse that had bed bugs. By throwing all your clothes and your backpack in a freezer, you will kill all the bed bugs.

When it comes to removing an infestation from a house, you will need a different solution.

It may be that for proper bed bug pest control, you will need to call in professionals.

Can you completely eradicate bed bugs?

If you are lucky enough to catch them early, you may be able to remove them with the use of Diatomaceous earth. This is a naturally occurring product that will kill bed bugs over a short period of time.

One of the issues with bed bugs is that they have many hiding places, including cracks in the walls and ceiling.

To remove bed bugs completely will take some time and effort. You may need to treat every piece of upholstery and soft furnishings, as well as all clothing, bedsheets, mattresses, and curtains.

Apartment blocks are difficult because one area can be cleared, only for bed bugs to re-enter from a neighbor’s dwelling that is untreated.

Professional pest control may be needed to fully remove a bed bug problem if they have spread throughout a home.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

The Environmental Protection Agency lists some health risks from bed bugs. Fortunately, not only can you get rid of bed bugs, but they are also not generally dangerous.

The most common reaction that people get from bed bug bites is itchy, swollen bumps on the skin. Some people will have allergic reactions to these, and in worst-case scenarios may need hospital treatment.

There is a slight risk of anaphylaxis in severe cases and other skin reactions including bacterial infections.

One area that many people may not consider though, is the impact on mental health that bed bugs can cause.

Can bed bugs affect mental health?

Most people think of bed bugs as annoying creatures that leave itchy bites in the night. However, they can affect their victims in more serious ways.

Living with bed bugs can end with insomnia and poor sleeping patterns. Knowing that bed bugs will be crawling around after a person falls asleep can affect how much rest they get.

This can result in stress or anxiety. In bad cases, it could lead to symptoms of depression. Bed bugs can be hard to remove, but they shouldn’t be ignored.


There are some easy measures to keep your home pest-free, but bed bugs are not like mice or cockroaches.

While you can keep your home as clean as possible and avoid certain pests, bed bugs are looking for you when it comes to food.

They breed very quickly and can hide in many places around the home.

Nevertheless, there are ways to remove them. If done properly, they will be eradicated forever.


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