Dobre Brothers House: The Maryland Mansion

February 12, 2022

The Dobre Brothers are a group of four young YouTubers who have created a lot of success for themselves in a very short amount of time. Their names are Darius, Marcus, Lucas, and Cyrus. The boys love their vehicles, dancing, and much more. You can check it all out on their YouTube channel (if you are a fan you already know how cool they are). Moreover, they have lived in a home in Maryland near Washington D.C. for a while. Check out the Dobre Brothers house below. 

Where do the Dobre Brothers live?

The house has ten bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms with over 5,000 square feet of space. The home is nestled away in the wilderness and it is just drop dead gorgeous. Also, there is a ton of space for the brothers and their friends to have fun and sleep over. The house amenities include a pool, hot tub, and amazing porch. Furthermore, the yard gives you breathtaking views of the area. The interior is very modern and features many high ceilings. Also, the exterior is also modern and looks very peaceful from up close and afar.

The property is located in Adamstown, Maryland, which is roughly one hour north and west of Washington DC. Also, the area looks very safe and well kept. Finally, what do you think of this amazing mansion?


Bedrooms: 10

Bathrooms: 6.5

Square Feet: 5,845 sqft

Price: $4 Million

Dobre Brothers Address: Stewart Hill Rd, Adamstown, Maryland 21710

Dobre Brothers Net Worth: $20 Million

Photos: Dobre Brothers House

Dobre Brothers House Dobre Brothers House Dobre Brothers House Dobre Brothers House Dobre Brothers House Dobre Brothers House Dobre Brothers House

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14 comments on “Dobre Brothers House: The Maryland Mansion”

  1. Is there any more tickets available could Darius
    To see you you’re my favourite and Maddie

  2. Hey Dobre brothers I wish I could be in one of your videos. But I want to be in one of the scary ones. I’ve watched them I hope one day I meet you guys in person it would be cool. Got any tips about songs or how to write them. Do the songs have to be about your real life? Just asking I need tips. Hope to see you guys! Cyrus, darius, Maddie Brenda, Lucas, Yvonne, Marcus, Steve, Kevin Michelle, Eric. Yvonne is my favorite. Bye guys stay safe!

  3. What’s up Dobre Brothers! How have you Guys been? I’ve watched your videos. Me and my brothers are making songs. I hope to visit you guys I am a big fan. For my birthday I’m going to Maryland so who knows maybe I’ll see y’all.

  4. you guysr are they best hope i can vist someday lucas and cyurs are favortie love you by

  5. We are the dobre brothers and we do back flips # what's up Dobre Brothers I am such a big fan of you guys and I also watch all your videos with your brothers & their girlfriends but I also hope to me you guys Go Dobre!

  6. OMG i love the dorbrre brotherrs i wish i could goto therree house but it would seem wierrdd because it seems like i am dessprite to meet them

  7. I love your guises house your guises house is so nice and I’m a big big fan

  8. hey this is dominik Gonzalez your #1 fan hope to see you guys soon and to maybe get me something for my birthday

  9. hey Cyrus darius maddie Brenda Lucas Yvonne Maruc steve Kevin Michelle Eric

  10. Yo what's up Dobre brother's I am a big fan of you guys because I have always wanted to see you cool Dobre brother's

  11. Wow 4 miĺion dollars is crazy i wanna know what the bills are

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