Email Design Trends in 2022

February 16, 2022

Email maintains its status as one of the most effective marketing channels. Even when compared to contemporary forms of digital marketing like social media, email consistently has the highest return on investment (ROI). In fact, email generates $42 for every $1 you spend.

Moreover, an increasing number of people are subscribing to newsletters and company-affiliated emails. It’s the perfect time to captivate your audience’s attention with elevated email designs. Take a look at seven design trends this year and make the most of your email marketing campaigns!


7 email design trends to watch in 2022

1. Strategically use images and videos

This year, videos, animations, and other rich media are the rage in email marketing. It’s essential to be strategic about how you incorporate these content types. As you create your next email campaign, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Is your offering better suited for custom media or stock media? For example, if you sell clothing, you likely want to feature images of people wearing your products, or even include user-generated content like video reviews of happy customers showing off your stuff. On the other hand, if you provide a service that doesn’t lend itself to generating custom images, you can buy stock illustrations on sites like Depositphotos to make your emails more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. How will large files affect your mail delivery and layout? Image and video files may be large, and they can impact email delivery rates if they’re too big. Be sure to compress your files and only include one or two per email. Also, stick to file types like .jpg and .png that are less likely to be stripped by an email client.
  3. Will the new content make your emails less accessible? Keep in mind that images, video, etc, should have options for vision-impaired, deaf, and hard-of-hearing users, just like your website should. For example, you can use ALT tags in any rich media, making things understandable for people using screen readers.

2. Personalize, personalize, personalize

There are two focal points for email personalization: the content and its recipients. Both focal points are critically important in crafting effective email marketing campaigns. Check out these statistics:


  • Studies show that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. If you have a promotional banner in your email, you might craft it to populate the recipient’s name. For example: instead of just giving a discount code to the recipient, the banner will say, “Here’s a coupon for you, <Name>.” Using the recipient’s name whenever possible is always a good move—be it in the subject line or the body.
  • Marketers report a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. You might segment your contacts by geographic area and offer local discounts or area-specific tips and events. Also, triggered emails are useful because the recipients only receive the email that’s relevant to them.

For example: set up automated emails to be sent whenever customers leave something unpurchased in their online cart. This type of personalization avoids inundating your customers with irrelevant junk mail.

3. Be interactive

While all rich media is more engaging than text-based messaging, nothing beats interactive content in getting your audience involved. Studies show that interactivity increases email click-to-open rates by 73%, which is why this year is seeing increased use of email content that users can actually participate in.

By using kinetic email, you can allow viewers to click and hover over the content and expect specific results. For example, you might incorporate drop-downs in the email itself to show off products, much like you would on a website product page. You can also include links in your email to allow the recipient to participate in a quiz, poll, or game. These types of interactions maximize each click and view, which leaves people looking at your content for longer.

4. Optimize for mobile

Considering email design trends, it’s increasingly important to make sure all emails are mobile-compatible. More than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, it’s safe to say that email users are often looking at their inboxes from their phones.

This can prove challenging for email design since phone and tablet screens are so much smaller than laptop or desktop ones. What might look great on a larger screen may look jumbled on mobile, which makes emails look unprofessional. On the other hand, this is a good way to get people to ignore or unsubscribe from your emails.

Therefore, you should always design with mobile in mind. Every object should be sized dynamically to fit the screen size. You should also make emails simple to scroll through with visually pleasing spacing between text and images. Use large buttons that are easy-to-read and click on.

5. Join the dark side

Another trend worth mentioning is the growing prevalence of dark mode. Many users now set their whole device to dark mode, which means any apps or content with this option will automatically appear in darker shades or even black. This is not only better for the eyes. It’s also part of a more significant web development trend towards moody, retro aesthetics.

6. Include testimonials

To strengthen your customers’ trust, testimonials—customer reviews and posts about your business and products—are dependable anecdotes that you can include in your next email marketing campaign. Integrating customer success stories in your emails builds loyalty and even entices new customers to connect with your business. The key is to naturally (and not forcibly) present these testimonials.

7. Keep it simple

Although an interactive, video-embedded email is appealing to a number of customers, too many GIFs and over-the-top colors can overwhelm and detract them. This is why relaxing, simplistic emails in earth-toned colors are also trending: they’re soft on the eyes and improve customer engagement through their tranquil approach.

Due to their soothing effect, emails with a minimal design aesthetic allow you to share more content with your customers. For your next email marketing campaign, consider utilizing this design and adding more content for your email readers. A longer email can increase the length of customer engagement, which helps solidify customer loyalty.


There you have it, the most influential email design trends of 2022. This year is all about keeping customers engaged and making them feel connected to personal brands—even if they can’t be there in person!



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