Embrace the Hygge Mindset: 5 Ways to Introduce This Style Into Your Living Environment

February 10, 2022

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The Danish people are among the happiest people in the world, and while there are many factors that contribute to their happiness, Hygge is definitely one of them. In a nutshell, Hygge is a mindset that translates into daily actions that make your life more comfortable and enjoyable, but it also translates into your living environment and the design of the interior. The key focus here is on creating a calm and restorative space for you and your family.

However, Hygge uses a unique and contemporary approach to leveraging natural elements, lighting, and even the floors you walk on to build a deep connection with the space through grounding. It might be a little difficult to wrap your mind around Hygge and its many benefits at first, so let’s break it down into some actionable tips you can use to introduce Hygge into your home this year.

Here’s how you can transform your living environment, and your life, for the better.

Beauty in simplicity and comfort

Hygge is very popular in interior design circles nowadays, and it has been for a while now as interior designers are trying to emulate that distinct Danish approach to health and happiness at home. For the homeowner, the Hygge approach might seem a tad too restrictive at first, because we often confuse it with minimalism. While it is true that there are some minimalist features involved, Hygge is more about achieving beauty through simplicity and comfort.

Firstly, your focus should be on creating symmetry. The human eye loves and is drawn to symmetrical shapes, especially in interior design, that create a welcoming space that’s both peaceful and energized. We as human beings inherently dislike clutter and asymmetry, and this is something that Hygge tries to eliminate.

Focus on achieving symmetry in every room, making sure to declutter the space in the process. Then, you can start working in the comfortable accents, earthy tones, and other important elements.

Embrace natural, earthy tones

You might have heard this before about Hygge – this approach emphasizes our connection to nature and Mother Earth, which is why it’s so important to introduce natural elements into your home. Now, we’ll mention greenery and how to set it up strategically a little later, but for now, let’s focus on the natural color scheme. Natural tones encompass a variety of hues, including neutral colors, which are always a sound choice in any room.

However, neutral is just a part of the puzzle, as you want to layer these earthy tones in a room to create a deep sense of peace and comfort. To envision what this looks like, consider your own living room. On the walls you could have a pure white color, or a subtle off white. Moving in, you can put a darker off white on the curtains.

The next step would be to achieve a beautiful contrast, so choosing a sandy color, a honey hue, or an earthy brown for the accent décor like the shelves and the coffee tables would be amazing. As for the furniture, why don’t you try a gorgeous deep aquatic hue on the sofa, complemented by burnt crimson on the armchair in the corner?

Create a deeper connection to the floor

Staying grounded in life is something that we should all aspire to in order to nurture our emotional and psychological well-being, especially during these trying times. What you might not have known is that the floors you walk on in your home can have a profound impact on your mood, which is something that the Danish people know all too well.

A big part of Hygge in interior design is making the floors as comfortable and pleasing to look at as possible. To achieve this, you can adorn the floors with beautiful Berber rugs in artistic patterns and neutral tones to complement the serene living environment. The aesthetic appeal of the new rugs coupled with the soft texture will appeal to your sense of touch and vision, allowing you to truly relax no matter if you’re preparing dinner in the kitchen, lounging in the living room, or simply walking around and taking care of various chores.

Setting the right ambiance with lighting

Another crucial element of Hygge is how much natural light saturates the space, but also how you scale the artificial lighting at night. Both are important elements that set the mood of the space and affect your mental well-being, so you’ll want to pay special attention to how light flows through your living environment.

To maximize natural light, try putting up mirrors in every room and in those poorly-lit areas, because light will reflect off of these surfaces and travel deeper into the space. As for artificial lighting, you can complement your overhead lights with accent lighting in the corners, freestanding lights to accentuate certain spots, and you can install dimmers to control the brightness in every room.

Use greenery strategically in every room

Lastly, in order to nurture that deeper connection with Mother Earth, you’ll want to introduce the beauty of nature into the space with greenery. No need to create a rainforest in your home, though, as Hygge thrives on simplicity.

With that in mind, go ahead and choose a potted plant for each room that you can put on a shelf, on a coffee table, on the side of the kitchen counter, or on the edge of the vanity in the bathroom. The most popular choices include a Dracaena plant, Aloe Vera, a simple Pothos plant, and the always beautiful Philodendron Green plant.

Over to you

Hygge is a popular interior design trend nowadays, and for good reason. If you want to bring peace and positivity into your daily life and elevate your mental well-being, be sure to start weaving these Hygge elements into your living environment today.


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