Finding Your Way Out: Emergency Situations When You’d Want to Call a Locksmith

February 15, 2022

You might call a locksmith to replace, repair, clean, or install locks under typical situations. You might have already hired someone for such services in the past. But there are some emergencies when you’d want to hire a locksmith’s assistance.

No matter how careful you are with keys, you might have to hire a locksmith at least once in your lifetime. If not because of the keys, you may have to contact them in case of other emergencies. Here are some such emergencies when you’d want to call a locksmith without wasting time.

When You Detect Burglary

If your lock is forced open or your spare keys are lost, it compromises the safety of everyone living in your house. It also means that you are at risk of another burglary. Nowadays, burglaries have become common in America especially in cities like Tucson that are close to the border. The Tucson police reported 340 burglary-related crimes in 2022 already.

Similarly, when you lose your keys, it means that someone else might get their hands on them. If the other person doesn’t misuse it, it’s well and good. But what if the person who got your keys tries to trespass your property for burglary?

Such situations are stressful, and you might get overwhelmed. If something like this ever happens; calling a locksmith in Tucson for this emergency and changing the locks will ensure safety.

You Broke or Lost Your Keys

Keys are usually durable, but they are easily stuck as well. When trying harder to push open the door when the keys are stuck inside the lock, almost everyone can accidentally break them.

Instead of trying harder and breaking the keys, you can try different ways like jiggling while pulling them out, using lubricants, or stabilizing the lock to get them out from the lock quickly. But sometimes, these tricks don’t work, and you might end up breaking the keys. You might want to call the experts to do their job and get the keys out without damaging the lock during such a situation.

Locked Outside the Car

When you lock yourself out of your house, you still have the chance to get help from your neighbors if you left a spare key with them. But imagine a scenario when you are out for a road trip, and something like this happens.

Suppose you have planned a road trip to visit Bisbee. A couple of hours before you reach the destination, you have started looking for a rest stop because you are hungry and need some food. You find a stop in Tucson, fill your stomach, take some rest, pack some food for the rest of the journey, and approach your car. Suddenly, you realize that you have left the keys inside the car and locked yourself out in a hurry to fill your stomach.

That would be horrible, right? It can completely spoil your Bisbee plans unless you call an auto locksmith in Tucson to get you out of this pickle. The locksmith can open the car’s door in no time for you so that you can still carry on with your plans. You’d want to call a locksmith for some emergency help during such a situation.

When You Lock Yourself Out of the House

You might think you can give your neighbors or friends spare keys to prevent any chaos in case you lock yourself out of your house. But what if you end up closing your doors behind you without taking your keys late at night? Or you call on your neighbors to get your spare keys only to learn that they are out.

If you encounter such a situation, you might have to spend hours outside in the hot, cold, or rainy weather. You always have the option to jump in through the window. But it can lead to trouble if your neighbor thinks you are a trespasser and calls the police.

You Forgot the Lock Combinations

Technology has become an everyday part of our life. If it has penetrated your house, you might be using digital smart locks. These locks either require a combination of codes or might use your biometric information to give you access to your home so that you don’t have to worry about the keys. But it also means that you need to remember the combination.

If you are used to digital locks, forgetting a code is relatively less likely. But if you are a newbie who has recently switched to smart locks, there are chances that you forget the combination and cannot enter the house. In such a scenario, calling a locksmith can save you from the hassle.


Of course, you can easily find locksmiths during an emergency. But it is advised to be prepared before such an incident arises. You don’t want to keep this for the last moment and call the wrong locksmith. Hence, it is advised to do your research beforehand and have contact with an excellent locksmith who can help you out during an emergency.

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