Five types of maintenance that can help your real estate business

February 3, 2022

The real estate business is always buzzing with customer queries, work orders, tour requests, maintenance orders, and more. The business has been popping roofs in prices as well as demands. However, various software helps maintain the decorum of the office, help field professionals manage their tasks, and keep the entire company on track. It is essential to handle all these functions digitally rather than manually because a small error in one of these steps can impact the business at a more significant level.

When it comes to managing a real estate business, maintenance is required both at the sites as well as the office. As the saying goes, “Change begins from within” let us begin with how and what cleaning maintenance begins at the office.

  1. Workspace: Between managing all the piles of work orders and customer data files on your desk, attending customer calls, and finding the property documents, office work becomes nearly impossible. The best solution is to wipe your desk clean and upload all your files and data to the cloud. This way, you can easily access the required document with a click and answer calls smoothly. This also reduces the hassle of taking copies, losing data, and unnecessary stress. Maintaining a clean office environment helps you work efficiently and productively.

Various software helps you organize your documents and files in the cloud-like Altassian, Google, etc. They are encrypted and based on SaaS, which allows you to access them from anywhere, geographical location, and any timezone.

2. Landscaping and Lawncare: It is important to ensure that the customers have a pleasant sight when they walk into the property, even if they’re viewing it. The first and most crucial part to be kept neat and tidy is the environment of the property, beginning from the porch, garden, and lawn. This could mean removing snow during a blizzard or clearing the leaves after fall. You might also look for commercial landscaping and snow removal services to help create healthier homes and a beautiful environment.  Managing a clean yard is given responsibility for the real estate business. It brings in more potential customers and makes marketing easier.

Most field service management software like Field Promax, Fieldez, mHelpDesk, etc., help with monitoring, scheduling, dispatching, and tracking technicians on the field. It makes the cleaning process easier and simpler. Technicians can track their working hours by logging in and out before and after work to increase billable hours.

3. Cleaning maintenance: As essential as the exterior maintenance is, so is the interior of the buildings or other parts of the property. Cleaning includes window washing, carpet cleaning, and even pool cleaning. Whether it is for viewing or renting, the real estate business should make sure all the property components are spotless. These maintenance may require more than one field professional for the job. The workers faster the work done, and the cleaner property you have.

For easier technician management, the real estate organizations can use the field service software to assign them to specific tasks simply by dragging and dropping them on the calendar. Technicians can use the mobile app to help them navigate the field and reach there on time. It also notifies the customers with information on the technician. Now you do both CRM and technician management at the same time.

4. Building maintenance: This is applicable for real estate properties that include a building or a home. The rental space or accommodation requires electrical, painting, heating, plumbing, HVAC services, and daily facility maintenance. Real estate businesses must ensure that professionals check these correctly, maintain, and fix them before renting them or putting them up for sale. Even if tenants live in the space, the real estate managers can use software to track different responsibilities like collecting rent, contract renewal, maintenance checks, etc.

Field Service software helps with reminding different dates, meetings, appointments through their calendar feature. They can also sync it with their phones to get reminders on emergencies, date shifts, schedule changes, and more. This helps the property management businesses to stay on track with their “FOR SALE” AND “RENTED” properties in one place.

5. Automation: If your real estate business owns high-standard homes that are technology-based, like voice-controlled functions, automatic garage doors, facial recognition, etc. Then you indeed have more maintenance work on your hands. It is important to ensure that these automated systems are checked regularly and managed in good condition since the building’s livelihood depends on them. By maintaining them in good condition, businesses can sell them or rent them efficiently and increase their sales.

Talking about maintaining your automated home service and maintenance of your garage doors, you can also help customers use your automated services using a field service mobile app. They can opt for a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly check-up on their property, garage food, light, electricals to sustain their sophisticated livelihood.

Maintenance is one of the significant responsibilities of a property management/ real estate business. It requires proper attention and regular checking to ensure everything is right and your clients are satisfied with your services. Maintaining your workspace to your properties helps you easily approach your clients, work efficiently productively and eventually contribute to organizational growth.

Field service management software is proficient at ensuring no errors in this service. It makes sure you don’t miss any appointments or important dates, keeps your employees and customers in check, manages all your data with encryption, and makes sure your property management business runs smoothly.

Hence, maintaining your property is equal to growing your real estate business.

Code is the central element that governs Joy Gomez’s universe; how he thinks, and how he lives. He is a self-taught, process-driven programmer and a first-generation immigrant from Southern India. He has completed engineering school while working full time with generous support and scholarships from employers due to his high productivity and drive. He is and has a Black belt in Lean Six Sigma. He has created Field Promax to pursue his natural-born expertise – code, streamline processes, and code more.

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