Guide to FAQs Regarding the Industrial Vacuum by Teledyne Hastings

February 12, 2022


Regardless of what you need an industrial vacuum for, it will help to make the process straightforward and allow a much safer atmosphere. The vacuums are designed for numerous purposes and settings, with many commercial leaders putting these to use, but residential homes also use them.

If you find a trusted supplier in the industry like Teledyne Hastings, you can learn the functionality and maintenance plus set up for adequate preventative care to ensure the system stays within optimal functionality.

To find the ideal vacuum for you, it is necessary to ask the right questions. Let us check these out.

Questions To Ask Before Committing to An Industrial Vacuum

Before selecting your industrial vacuum with a supplier like Teledyne Hastings, it is essential to have answers to a few questions so the leader in the industry can help you find the exact vacuum for your specific needs.

Go here for guidance on choosing an industrial vacuum for confined spaces. Some of these include:

What will be the primary purpose for the vacuum

There needs to be a solid understanding of what the vacuum will be used for before features can be determined, including the filter options and capacity. Some factors:

  1. Will you be picking up dust or powders
  2. Is liquid the primary spill
  3. Will any material be a hazard

Your answers help narrow the search quite a bit and allow the supplier to know which direction to go with the equipment.

Are there regulatory standards to meet

Many industries offer regulatory requirements, for different purposes, including pharmaceutical, food, housecleaning. Even if you are outside these industries, you would likely be subject to the National Fire Protection Association - NFPA on keeping facilities clear of “combustible dust.”

There could be heavy fines for those who do not comply with regulations. It is essential to research your industry or location to see what the guidelines are so you can follow the rules. Teledyne Hastings can help you with this information and guide you towards the right equipment.

Is the vacuum to be used intermittently or regularly

If you close each day to clean the facility, the suggestion is a “single-phase” model with a “universal motor” as a power source boasting as ideal for scheduled cleanings.

If you find you will be using the machine much more regularly, the suggestion is a “three-phase regenerative blower.” These boast as much more budget-friendly and energy-efficient for continuous use.

What capacity do you need?

Not all vacuums are created equally. Some can hold 3 liters while others can carry 100. Buying one too large will mean inefficiency. A unit too small means more time emptying the tank. It needs to be adequate.

Filtration is important

Filtration will depend on what you plan to collect, plus the regulatory requirements. Many industrial applications require either ULPA or HEPA.

  1. HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters: particles up to 99.7 percent are retained, including .3 “microns.”
  2. ULPA or ultra-low particulate air filter: particles are retained up to 99.999 percent, including .12 “microns.”

Are there special requirements

In dangerous areas like those containing combustible dust. OSHA suggests and can require industrial equipment to be “explosive-proof.” In the food industry, machines need to be constructed of stainless-steel materials so they can be sanitized from any food particles.

Hoses and accessories

While the vacuum is the immediate solution, the accessories and hoses are vital components to ensure adequate functionality. These make sure you can get hard-to-reach or out-of-the-way areas.

They are the best defense in hazardous conditions, contaminated conditions, and an atmosphere that would be unsafe. It is essential to ensure you have the right tools lined out. Find out how to select the suitable machine at

The Right Supplier

When looking for the best vacuum, it is challenging to do independently. It would help to find the perfect supplier who can guide you through the process. A reputable leader in the industry like Teledyne Hastings who can provide you with the necessary information, look at the answers to your questions, and present you with the best options available that fit your specific needs.

A company of this nature looks out for the best interest of the client and the purposes for using the equipment. They will ensure the machine is well cared for into the future with adequate part replacement and professional preventative maintenance, which needs to be stellar, so the vacuum runs as optimally as from day one.

After you find the company to work with, the rest of the process will be a team effort. You provide information, and the provider offers examples of models that will answer those needs with sufficient features, hoses, and accessories.

You will be shown how to use the equipment and personal care and upkeep. For commercial or even residential use, an industrial vacuum is an incredible tool.


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