How a Travel SEO Agency Will Improve Brand Visibility in 2022?

February 11, 2022

SEO is never static. Each year Google updates its algorithm and search ranking factors, making it hard to stay ahead of the curve. For example, after a substantial dip in early 2020 by Covid-19, travel-related search queries bounced back to an increase of 30% by the third quarter in 2020.

So, what is the best way to increase booking and sales on your travel website? The ultimate answer is effective and sustainable travel SEO.

Travel SEO is the process of optimizing your travel website for Google and other search engines.

Visibility in search engines (SEO) remains a top priority for the travel sector. The changing search landscape demands new travel SEO strategies and ways to combine SEO with other channels.

Understanding Travel SEO

SEO proves the relevance and value of our product/service/ website for a target keyword to move up the search engine rankings in a browser (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more). With the ongoing "digital renaissance" in the travel and tourism sector, a high-priority travel SEO agency for any travel business to succeed online is necessary. However, its value runs deeper than being found on Google at the point of booking. How?

Well, an average customer's journey to conversion is hinged on the ability to search, discuss and share information, recommendation and reviews.

67.6% of all clicks go to the first five organic results.

Google's ranking algorithm defines four micro-moments to rank high in the SERPs for your travel business. At each moment, you should have an SEO strategy that ensures your visibility for your customers' specific intentions or needs, from the start of the process when a customer is seeking inspiration and ideas, through to the actual planning of the trip, making the booking and then finally doing more research.

Travel SEO specialists custom create marketing strategies that help grow your business better through search engine rankings.

What happens when you hire a travel SEO company?

While you can optimize your website on your own, a travel SEO company specializes in the best tools, resources, and strategies to keep up with the changing SEO landscape. When you outsource your efforts to an agency, here's what you get:

Optimize your website for Mobile

Optimizing your web pages for cellular devices is a great way to start. Today, almost 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and the percentage of people starting their research on a search engine via Mobile increased to 51% in 2018.

Travel SEO services make your website accessible on technologies other than a computer screen, so you increase the foot traffic of your website by leaps and bounds.

Create Compelling Website Design

Design and structure of the website speak about your brand image and the quality of your products and services. Websites should be navigational and able to offer answers to your target questions. Your homepage should be neat and accessible with a simple yet compelling design.

Travel SEO agency creates an effective and navigational site by hyperlinking keywords among the content of your web. In this way, SEO will profit from hyperlinks accentuating your linking profile while giving the content a solid structure. If you're planning to keep your visitors on your travel website, then your website should:

  • Load Fast
  • Has high-quality images
  • No futile pop-ups
  • User friendly

Organization of Content

Travel SEO services will organize your content in an accessible and coherent manner for the visitors. For example, when you publish the importance of your travel guide, ensure you get:

  • Location: X
  • Duration: X days
  • Price: $ X
  • Departure: X hr
  • Arrival: X hr

With Travel SEO specialists, you will get a qualitative analysis of all website content and data-driven insights that suggest possible improvements.

Localization of address

Local SEO optimizes your website so that it appears in the first positions of the browser for searches that are related to your geographical region. Here, you need to show your address in the local listings in Google maps and interact with the local market making it easier for customers to reach you. When you include local SEO:

  • You attract potential customers
  • You provide target customers with the data and information they seek
  • You drive more online traffic
  • You direct visitors' engagement in favor of your business.

Robust and High Authority Linking

Internal and external linking is a major aspect of travel SEO. When you get mentioned in high authority travel pages online that have information about your services, it builds your brand authority and helps you drive your sales. In addition, an expert travel SEO agency will get you links from genuine blogs that automatically get significant extra opportunities to outreach new visitors.

When collaborating with bloggers to guest post, product review, or other types of collaborations, a new link is almost guaranteed back to your website.

Wrapping Up

The travel industry is thriving and cut-throat competition; travel brands are doing their best to rank first. Its implementation may look complicated, but a strategically planned travel SEO campaign is proven to generate high profits for your travel business. So be cautious and partner with the right travel SEO agency.

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