How do you decorate a living room?

February 15, 2022

That title might sound like a simple question, but if you’re new to the world of interior design and have just bought your home, you will find our advice helpful. Of course, designing and decorating a living room is personal choice and the essentials – chairs, a sofa, perhaps a table, and your audio and visual equipment – are obvious, but what style do you want to decorate your room in?

A living room is a room used by all the family, and needs to be practical, comfortable, and a pleasant place to be. In this article we are focusing our attention on one style of decoration and furnishing that is trending right now. Indeed, it’s one that rarely if ever goes out of fashion. We’re talking about Mid-Century Modern, which has been a favorite of American homes for many years. What is Mid-Century Modern, and why does it still have an influence today? Before we talk a little more about the movement, let us explain why simple décor in a living room is the best idea.

Simple Décor Is Easy to Dress

The key to a successful living room – or indeed any room – design lies in simplicity. This is especially true when we are talking about the general décor. It’s easy to be attracted to bright and beautiful patterned wallpaper – and in many instances it is a look that works – but believe us when we say you will soon tire of it.

Think pale, neutral colored, painted walls that will not clash with any color. This way you have the option of dressing your walls and adding furniture as you wish, without having to be too concerned about matching. Now let’s talk in more detail about why mid-century modern living room designs are endlessly popular.

What is Mid-Century Modern?

Among current design trends mid-century modern is one that is getting most attention. This is because the movement – which emerged in the USA following the second world war – relies on simple yet stylish designs that highlighted a changing attitude in America during those years when the economy was booming.

Mid-century modern takes its inspiration from the Bauhaus movement that grew in Germany in the 1920’s. This also concentrated on simple, clean designs that were easy to manufacture and yet retained a sense of style and timeless elegance.

While the mid-century modern movement has evolved over the years it still remains rooted in the original design ethos of greats such as Eero Saarinen and Arne Jacobsen, who brought the Scandinavian influence to furniture design and whose influence can be seen in everything from high quality furniture to cheaper flat-packed budget designs. But will your house look good with a mid-century modern living room?

Does My House Suit Mid-Century Modern?

The sleek and stylish design principles involved in mid-century modern make it a perfect choice for every type of dwelling. This sort of look will be just as effective in a glorious Manhattan loft apartment as it will in new build town house. Again, this is largely down to the simplicity and practicality of designs, which perfectly align with any room. Let’s finish by giving you a few tips on living room design that should help you get a head start.

Tips for Decorating a Living Room

The following tips for decorating a living room could also apply to any other room in the house just as easily. Here they are:

  • Use neutral colours for paint or paper to keep things easy to mix and match.
  • Make best use of available light and also plan lighting carefully.
  • Use mirrors and pictures to adorn walls for added decoration.
  • Don’t be afraid to put plants in the living room as they add interest.
  • Keep the room clutter-free and limit surfaces that gather dust.
  • If you can, use a professional painter and decorator for the best finish.
  • Think about details such as light switches, door handles, and other fittings.
  • Drapes or blinds is your choice, but Mid-century modern lends itself to stylish blinds.

We hope we have given you plenty to think about, so use this article as inspiration and get started on your design for a dream living room.

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