How to Choose a Moving Company

February 25, 2022

Congrats on your relocation plans! The next step is to choose a shipping company, but it’s not as easy as you may think.

Ever heard of the word “moving scam?”

While it's easy to find a moving company with thousands of shippers in the US today, statistics reveal that more than three thousand Americans fall victim to moving scams yearly. A low-priced estimate may seem like a good deal, but you never know if your choice will end up in cautionary stories. For this reason, you want to take time out to learn how to pick a good moving company.

In this guide, we discuss some tips to learn how to choose the right long distance movers in Brooklyn Ny so you can avoid being a victim of moving fraud.

Tips for Choosing Carriers

Search for movers with a license

If you’re considering a cross country, long-distance, or interstate move, the first step to choosing the right moving company is to be on the lookout for a mover's license as it assures you that the movers are legitimate.

Yes, you may wonder how it's possible to search for movers with a license; it's easy.

For a commercial moving vehicle or business to legally transport passengers and cargo through borders of different states, that company must have a legally licensed number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. All you need to verify the legitimacy of this number is to visit the DOT website, type in the number, and wait to find out the results.

Interstate movers will also have a licensed number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If you want to look for another transport service quickly after inputting the motor carrier number on the FMCSA website and you find zero information on the shippers.

On the other hand, if you’re changing homes within the country or state, you want to know that intrastate licensing requirements vary by district. Thirty-three states in the US issues a DOT number to carriers. In some other places, shippers are free to transport cargo and people without any licensing; hence, they are unregulated.

Follow the rule of three.

Researching a shipper's license is crucial. But, before getting to that stage, you must have made your choice on the transport service to use.

Understand that you won’t find the right shippers by just sticking to one company. You need to research at least three different companies to get first-hand estimates before deciding which to hire.

In essence, the rules of three state that you need to request in-person quotes from at least three different transporters before choosing your preferred service.

Better Business Bureau (good feedback)

Another step on how to choose a long-distance moving company is reading up reviews. Feedback helps you discover more facts about the company that the movers won’t tell you.

But, the thing about reviews is that most online reviews and testimonials written on the company website aren’t always trustworthy since shippers can quickly fabricate them.

To get honest feedback on the transport service, you chose to use, it’s best to source it from the Better Business Bureau platform. This platform is legally recognized by the US federal government and will provide you with only authentic feedback you need to determine if shippers or reasonable or not.

Professional accreditation check

Since you’ve researched the licensing and online reviews of the company, you would think that’s all. Well, there’s more!

The next thing you want to look out for is how professional, reliable, and industry ethical the movers are.

It’s no doubt that trade associations will acknowledge and accredit commercial transporters by giving them membership logos. But, understand that shippers can also fake that. So, how do you know a professional company when you see one?

  • Watch out for their punctuality to appointments.
  • Do they offer in-home or virtual walkthroughs and surveys?
  • Do they have a physical office?
  • Do they offer business cards?
  • Is the company address written on the business card?
  • Does the business card carry the company logo?
  • Does the company offer insurance coverage and proof of licensing?
  • Do they offer a bill of landing that states the conditions of the moving van?
  • Do they offer free in-home estimates as stated by the FMCSA?

All these factors determine how professional the movers are.

Studying the experience of the company, what services they provide

Once you’re sure of the legitimacy of the movers, the next step to learn how to choose movers is to find out if they offer the services you need.

If you find shippers that state they can render the services you need without doing a thorough walkthrough of your home, you want to stay clear of them. Why? They don’t know what you need and will only rip you off in the long run. Make sure that the company discusses the relocation process with you. Also, you want to ask shippers about the equipment they utilize since you may have large gadgets like pianos, pool tables, and hot tubes that will require specialized tools to lift and carry them.

Beware of red flags.

Red flags are irregular behaviors or unusual patterns that indicate fraudulent acts or undependability.

Before choosing your preferred movers, make sure to watch out for patterns and behaviors like:

  • Shippers asking for large deposits before delivering services
  • Demanding a large sum to get a free estimate or too good to be true estimates
  • Punctuality or lateness to appointments
  • Use of rented vans instead of offering an official landing bill
  • Use of casual clothes rather than moving uniforms
  • Lack of physical office rather than a residential address or no office.
  • Use of inactive license
  • Bad reviews and feedbacks


Choosing the best moving company is challenging, no doubt. But the good news is that there are tons of transportation services out there to help you transfer your belongings to your new home. To avoid moving fraud, you want to learn how to choose a removal company by researching shippers to check for the carrier license number, professional accreditation reviews experience, and watching out for red flags.

Shippers like Starkmovers company provides reliable transport and cargo services without falling short of these requirements.


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