How to choose a proper shower enclosure for your bathroom?

February 21, 2022

The shower enclosure or cubicle protects the rest of the bathroom from splashes by enclosing the shower area. There are various options for enclosing your shower. Including glass panels, sliding, pivoting, folding doors, or even a walk-in enclosure. An enclosure with a shower tray will also provide good drainage. A shower enclosure is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, finishes, and colors, just like a bathroom.


Your needs should be taken into account when selecting a shower enclosure. Shower enclosures are a vital part of any bathroom. They create an aesthetic boundary within the bathroom. Their design enables the room to look stylish. This is the same as the shower cubicle. It has a minimalist-style shower area that adds a lot of character and personality to the bathroom. This is especially evident in contemporary bathrooms. EMKE is the bathroom product specialist.

There are several things you should consider before buying a shower enclosure. The available space must be considered. When choosing a shower enclosure, such as deciding between a walk-in shower and a regular one. Do you have an en-suite bathroom or the main family bathroom with a shower enclosure? These factors can play a role in determining the best enclosure for your needs. If you plan carefully, you can install a shower cubicle in a small space. which will maximize your bathroom space and allow you to sleep better at night. Take into account the height of the room and the available space. When space is limited, such as between two walls, pivot or bi-fold shower doors are the perfect solution.

What will be the location of the shower enclosure? Are you planning to put it in a corner, or will you put it in a separate enclosed space? Your decision should be based on this consideration. A d-shaped shower enclosure will be needed if you plan to install the shower against the wall in the middle.

You should also consider the smaller details when choosing a shower enclosure

  • When choosing a shower enclosure, pick one with quick-release wheels. (found on sliding and bi-fold doors) so cleaning will be easier.
  • Look for easy-clean coatings and consider the glass thickness.
  • Door seals with magnetic self-closure mechanisms prevent leaks and ensure a perfect fit.
  • A seamless finish is achieved with cover caps and strips that conceal fixings
  • For the smooth operation of sliding and bi-fold doors, high-quality rollers are essential.
  • Plastic rollers need to be replaced frequently because they are easily damaged.
  • Chrome, white, and black finishes come in wall profiles and frames. So you can create a coordinated look.

For your bathroom, choose EMKE shower enclosures:

Our bathroom is a place to relieve stress and unwind after a long day. Thus, it is equally important to pay attention to the design and functionality of your bathroom. A shower enclosure is an important choice if you intend to remodel your bathroom. As a focal point of your bathroom, the shower can significantly impact its overall style. You can buy EMKE Shower Enclosures at our official website.

EMKE Corner Shower Enclosure:

It may be the perfect solution to use a corner enclosure. For example, if the shower isn't in the center of the bathroom or if you don't have much space. Keep things sleek and modern with a corner unit made of glass and panels on both sides. These units also have pivoting corners. Besides sliding enclosures with trays. You can also install frame-less enclosures that are transparent on both sides.

(EMKE Corner Entry Frame Shower Enclosure. Double Sliding Door With Nano Height 190cm Black)

  1. It comes with one shower cubicle with dimensions of 90 x 90 (adjustable 88-90/88-90cm) x 190(height)cm, without a tray.
  2. Nano-coated safety glass with a 6mm thickness. Glass coated with nanotech to prevent limescale and soap residue from sticking to the surface.
  3. Two sliding doors on a square shower cubicle. With maximum tightness due to the full-frame, and smooth operation.
  4. An easy and quick cleaning with detachable lower rollers.
  5. Magnets are used to close doors tightly to prevent water from leaking in. The system is easy to install (eligible even for non-experts).

EMKE Walk-in shower enclosure

The most stylish option is available for bathrooms. With an open entry, a walk-in shower enclosure is an open-plan space. There are numerous features that make a walk-in shower enclosure unique. The best place to use them is in large bathrooms as they are stylish and luxurious. We have many options that not only look good but also feature toughened safety glass. This simple but stylish design will add a dash of personality to your bathroom.

  1. The wall size of the shower is 200cm (height), attention: there is no shower tray.
  2. Cutting stabilizer bar: It has a 100 cm length. If you need a shorter stabilizer bar, you can cut the included stabilizer bar to the length you need. If you need a longer stabilizer bar, you can purchase the adjustable stabilizer bar.
  3. The safety clear glass is constructed of 8mm toughened safety glass (ESG). It is safe to use, far from cracking accidents and has been CE-certified and EN 12150-certified.
  4. The glass has a surface coating of nanotechnology. That prevents limescale and soap residue from forming on its surface.

The EMKE Quadrant Shower Enclosure

You may want a curved shower rather than one with angular lines. An option that would suit you is a quadrant shower. Various types of enclosures can be used to install showers with these elegant alternatives. Some examples include corner showers and walk-in showers. Aica, Elegant, and Merlyn are some brands to choose from. Quadrant enclosures are available for sliding doors. Luxury frames without frames are also available.

  1. The shower cubicle measures 185 cm high by 55 cm across with sliding doors. No shower tray.
  2. Tempered clear safety glass. Toughened with anti-scratch coating, far from cracking accidents, with thick tempered safety glass.
  3. The glass has a surface coating of nanotechnology that prevents limescale and soap residue from forming on its surface.
  4. It saves space for you to have a round glass double sliding shower cabin in the corner. The installation is simple.
  5. Easy to install. Easy assembly without special knowledge, right and left mountable. Can be installed on a shower tray or at ground level


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One comment on “How to choose a proper shower enclosure for your bathroom?”

  1. It's really impressive to read how many different designs there are for shower doors. The enclosure design would work well for us since we're trying to make the place feel like a sort of "Spa" area, so that could help people who want to get some hot showers going. I'll go and look for any shower door experts that can get me this model for sure.

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