How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for your House?

February 10, 2022


An ideal coffee table is the start of splendid conversations over a cup of hot brewing coffee. From being a piece of furniture, for me, it is a conversation starter. Sometimes, it can also ensure you some ‘Me’ time; from reading a book to listening to music while looking at the outdoors, coffee tables are a part of all these stories.

Moreover, I believe that aesthetics might be a prime factor, we cannot deny its functionality. Recently, I wanted a perfect coffee tables with storage for my living room. Considering the various factors like the room's size, clearance space, harmony with the rest of the furniture and so much more, I realized that choosing the perfect coffee table is a daunting task!

I discovered many facts and foot rules like the two-thirds the length of the sofa should be enough space for a coffee table; which became my primary reference for the size I needed. Previously, I believed that the sofa and other seating should be at the level with the coffee table. However, through research, I found out that a few inches shorter table is also a good option in terms of usability.

With these experiences I have curated a list of pro-tips to choose the perfect coffee table, I hope they help you as well.

1. Balance is a Must!


Shapes may be fun to play with but when we say balance, it means that every element in a space aligns with another, creating a complete look to the space.

Try a round or oval coffee table in a space with square elements to break the monotony there are no restrictions when it comes to decorating a coffee table. It's best if a coffee table is either a tad lower or at the same height as the sofa. Coffee tables should not be taller than the height of the cushions on the couch. This creates a sense of balance in all your spaces.

I often use coffee tables as works of art in a room. A living area with a pair of mirror coffee tables looks elegant and attractive. A gorgeous ceruse wood or a stone coffee table may boost the area because of its texture.

2. Go for organic shapes


Incorporating natural components adds a contrast to the room's straight lines and furnishings. Moreover, toddlers can also benefit from rounded finishes, as there are no sharp edges. When it comes to creating a personal and tailored look, there is always a delicate balancing act of not overdoing one element.

3. Intricating the Details


For a coffee table, proportions matter a lot. My advice is to go for a huge coffee table if the space is enough or use smaller, slender coffee tables together to create an inviting focal area.

As a result, it should never be longer than the width of the sofa. Rectangular and square shapes are the best options for having beverages on the table. As a bonus, they're easy to accessorize. You can even experiment with resins or plaster treatments to give an opulent finish.

4. Be Creative with the Layout of your space


Layouts with several layers provide the most significant amount of adaptability. My recommendation is to carefully place furniture in the context of the room, taking into account the dimensions and layout of other pieces. Recently, I chose a coffee tables with storage with a white oak finish due to its compact square design and sleek design. I aligned it parallel with the partition wall to create a linear look.

It's critical to consider factors like usability and long-term reliability. It's all about the organic forms, soft textures, and round edges that are in style at the moment.

5. Scale is Everything


A good sofa and coffee table have a parallel connection to my eye. One thumb rule to remember is that the coffee table should be at least one inch higher than your sofa, if not more. The taller the coffee table may be, the closer it is to the couch. Look for a lower coffee table to accommodate all of the sitting options while still allowing for space if the living room set-up includes extra seating around the sofa. You can use leather paint for couches it gives extra shine to your furniture.

Depending on the sofa, I chose a coffee table with legs that allow my gaze to travel through it. A sturdy coffee table is the best choice in case of a small couch supported by legs and having much space beneath. In terms of mass, I want my coffee table to accomplish the exact opposite of what chairs are doing.

Get creative and mix and match by utilizing smaller tables clustered together, or by opting for a trunk, which also acts as a focal point to your space.

At the End of the Day!


I usually make a list of a few materials that will work well with my lifestyle before I begin looking for a coffee table. Wood is not the only choice; there are many others. A Bellini coffee table might be a great choice for wood lovers for the all-white user a long island rectangular white table can do wonders; the choice is endless, pick your favorite!



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