How to Invest in Turkey?

February 28, 2022

Providing years of experience in investment, Turkey will always be with you as your solid companion. The strong economy, strategic location, young and dynamic population, qualified workforce, competitive and comprehensive market... Moreover, the liberal investment climate, lucrative government incentives, and the abundance of industry opportunities are also important factors to invest in Turkey.

Turkey is among the countries that have a wide variety and depth of production competence in the world. Global companies see Turkey as a production, export, R&D, logistics, and management center in the region and make their business plans accordingly. International direct investors look at Turkey with a long-term perspective and focus on our country's core value propositions. So, international investors are increasing their presence in Turkey each passing day.

There are several sectors to invest in in Turkey. Information and technology, defense and aerospace, construction, textile and clothing, energy and natural resources, environment and recycling, and most importantly estate/property.

How to Invest in Property in Turkey?

Turkey is among the leading countries in terms of investment amount and residence requirements. Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir... Every province in Turkey is worth living in and investing in. Therefore, the number of foreigners buying houses in Turkey is increasing day by day.

immovables such as a house, shop, land, etc. are called property. According to the current research, in 2021, foreigners invested in property in 70 cities across the country. Last year, the number of foreigners who bought a house in Turkey was 59 thousand 282. In 2021, foreigners preferred the megacity Istanbul the most. Last year, 26,667 foreigners invested in property in Istanbul.

The Turkish real estate market has always been a reliable investment tool for global investors due to its long-term permanence. Real estate-focused investment and citizenship programs increase global mobility through multiple passports. It has many additional benefits, such as expanding your personal access rights and creating options for where you and your family can live and work. The lifetime gains of the investment include 'global reach' as an ultimate hedge against both regional and global volatility, as well as the underlying asset's underlying value and rental returns.

What Should You Know Before Investing in Property in Turkey?

One of the investments you can make in Turkey is property investment. Non-citizens investing in property real estate need to know these;

  • ​​Acquisition of real estate titles in Turkey is only approved through registration at the land registry offices.
  • Real estate pre-contracts issued by notaries or made in writing with real persons do not constitute the transfer of real estate by themselves. Preliminary contracts only serve as a commitment regarding the transfer of ownership and the said real estate does not change hands through such documents.
  • There might be obligations such as mortgages, foreclosures, and similar types of encumbrances on the real estate in question, which may prevent the sale. Before investing in a property in Turkey, you need to control these preventions.
  • You can make inquiries about properties in Turkey on the official websites. Thus, main information about real estate, including its current status, can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.
  • As a foreigner, you do not need to have a residence permit for investing in a property in Turkey. In addition, foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey are granted a renewable short-term residence permit by the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458.
  • A real or legal person who wants to acquire real estate in Turkey should apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.
  • In Turkey, Requirements vary according to foreign natural persons, foreign legal persons, Turkish companies with foreign capital.

As a reliable real estate company, Istanbul Property would be happy to help you during your property investment process. Thanks to transparent answers and constantly accessible real estate consultants, you will carry out your process quickly and safely.

How Many Dollars Are Required to Invest in Turkey?

One of the most important ways to evaluate your money is to invest in Turkey. One of the most popular investments in recent years is the investment in real estate/property.

If the location of the real estate you buy is appreciated, it may be possible to sell it 3 or 4 times the price you buy. It can be profitable to buy houses that are easily accessible and close to transportation means such as metro and metrobus. A house investment of 150.000 dollars on average will be one of the most profitable investments in a megacity like Istanbul in Turkey.

What are the Advantages of Investing in Turkey?

The business environment, regulatory framework, and supplier infrastructure are very important for Turkey to maintain and strengthen its market competitiveness. Turkey's new economic model focused on production, investment, employment, and exports also point to the importance of international direct investments.

Thanks to its entrepreneurial business culture, young and technology-savvy population, talented engineer pool, and competitive products and services, Turkey attracts significant investments from global players. The advantages of investing in Turkey;

  • With its strong, resilient, and fast-growing economy, Turkey has investor-friendly policies and a large talent pool to attract sustainable international direct investments.
  • It provides access to global markets at the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • Turkey always keeps its doors open to all investors who want to act with the motto of winning together.
  • Turkey promises an investor-friendly business environment.
  • The country is a reliable and durable supply base for all investors.
  • Turkey has an economy that has captured the important transformations in the global economy in the past.
  • It also keeps up with the ongoing digitalization and sustainability transformation.
  • Favorable demographics and continuous reform process are also provided by investment opportunities in the Turkish market.
  • You can also get citizenship by investing in Turkey. Foreigners who make a minimum fixed capital investment of USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira can get citizenship.
  • Besides, non-citizens who invest in a property worth a minimum of USD 250,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira can get citizenship.


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