How to move piano internationally?

February 11, 2022

Are you looking for a way to move your piano internationally? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article will guide you to move your piano internationally. Can you move your piano to another country? the answer is yes, and there is a proper procedure to follow, and then you can move a piano internationally. Piano moving services include short- and long-term storage and custom crating for the overseas or local shipping of pianos.


As mentioned, policies are to be observed while moving the piano Internationally. New federal restrictions make importing or exporting pianos with ivory keys illegal unless the ivory is removed first. A piano's age can sometimes be challenging to prove. Any repairs performed to the ivory during the last 100 years will prohibit that instrument from getting the exemption under the proposed Federal standards.

You need the services of an international moving company

Some companies in the world are moving pianos internationally. They have piano moving experts. International Sea & Air Shipping has sent pianos worldwide and has the experience to get your piano delivered quickly. Our professional piano movers know how to preserve your piano from everything from import duties to humidity.

Your valuable goods are secured within one of their fleet vehicles, ensuring a safe journey. Your piano will be packed appropriately and transported with attention to detail.

For example, if you are shipping 7 feet piano internationally from downtown London to Connecticut through New York City. It includes transporting an incredibly heavy piano down a flight of narrow steps in London, removing a window and railing, and then putting everything back together. The London agent movers are highly competent and do an excellent job. You will be provided regular updates on the vessel's progress that brings the piano to the United States after collection and crating aid with customs clearance when it arrives. In addition, the local movers transporting the piano to CT are friendly, punctual, and meticulous—highly recommended for any international relocation.

Moving a piano is an Art:

Moving a piano without international piano movers is a technical and challenging task. The effort required to carry a piano necessitates a significant amount of human strength. Because all acoustic pianos are built of different types of wood, it's critical to know what they are and how to safeguard them throughout the trip. To wrap, pack, load, and transport pianos successfully, movers must be experienced and determined. Piano movers must also be available at your final location.

Cost of moving a piano Internationally:

Moving a piano overseas can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, or even more if the instrument is a luxury brand or a collector. When shipping a piano internationally, it will be fixed to a platform in addition to being wrapped with padding and secured to aboard. Look for a reputable firm that can transport your piano worldwide. Numerous firms will handle the shipment of your pianos in a professional manner.

While relocating a piano is not an easy task, our business has prior expertise in this field. Piano movers from around the world are responsible for taking care of your priceless instrument at every stage of the relocation. Here are the steps to follow to transport your piano properly.

  • Take measurements of the area around the device.
  • Providing all of the necessary equipment.
  • The loading process and the number of people required are planned.
  • Protecting the instrument by wrapping it in protective coverings.
  • Use safety straps to secure the instrument and gently load it onto the moving truck.
  • The instrument should be stabilized during the motion to avoid friction, scratches, or tumbling.

These are the services provided by the international companies that are moving pianos internationally. A piano must be carefully packed and secured before being transported. There's no guarantee that it'll stay in good form during the move if you don't have the necessary equipment. Furthermore, moving a piano without prior experience can result in catastrophic injury. This is why long-distance piano movers will arrive on the day of your transfer with all of the essential supplies and equipment. Their international packing and crating services are materials that satisfy the highest industry standards.

With the assistance of moving companies, you shall secure your instrument to a fixed position during its journey. Customer satisfaction and safe transportation are the company's priorities.


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