How To Properly Care For Your HVAC Air Ducts

February 2, 2022

Most of us rely on our HVAC system to keep our homes comfortable on a cold winter night or a blistering summer afternoon. The HVAC system in your house works overtime in many situations to provide consistent temperatures throughout the year. Depending on where you live, seasonal demands for warm or cool air could be taxing on your equipment. To keep up with demand and properly heat or cool your home, your HVAC equipment relies on several parts of the system. Many parts must work together, from the thermostat and air handler to their return vents. Another essential piece of the system that is frequently overlooked is the ductwork.

Your duct system is a network of airways that delivers climate-controlled air to all areas of your home. As long as the system delivers adequate airflow, you will enjoy comfortable temperatures. If the air is blocked or hampered, your system might not be able to function correctly, and the climate inside your home will be impacted. From damaged or leaky air ducts to clogged and dirty air filters, there are several reasons why your airflow could be diminished. As a result, it is essential that you keep your HVAC air ducts in excellent condition. Let's take a look at some reasons you should properly care for your duct system.

Inconsistent Temperatures


As discussed, inadequate airflow can cause temperature issues in your house. In most homes, there are spots or even entire rooms that are a bit cooler or warmer than the rest of the house. The varying temperature in certain areas can be the result of several things, such as sunlight, shade, or the location within the home. In many cases, this is a normal occurrence. However, if you notice the problem getting worse or spreading, it could be a symptom of diminished air circulation. If your HVAC air ducts are damaged, dirty, or clogged, the flow of air to various parts of your home could be impaired.

When you have damaged or dirty air ducts, your HVAC unit might struggle to deliver an appropriate amount of air throughout your home. Inconsistent temperatures could be a direct result of air duct problems. This is why it is essential to have your ductwork inspected and cleaned regularly. A qualified HVAC technician can diagnose any problems with your ducts and offer solutions for maintaining even temperatures around your house.

Increased Energy Bills


If you fail to maintain your air ducts and a problem develops with proper airflow, your equipment will have to work harder to deliver comfortable temperatures. When problems arise within your ductwork, your system will not run at peak efficiency. As a result, your HVAC system could be expending more energy and running up your utility bills. While your energy bills will fluctuate with seasonal demands, increased energy usage from your furnace or air conditioner could significantly impact your bills. Regular maintenance will help your air ducts stay in good condition prevent any larger issues with your HVAC system.

Poor Indoor Air Quality


Aside from HVAC mechanical problems and temperature issues, neglected air ducts could create poor air quality. Over the course of a year, experts estimate that several pounds of dirt, dust, pet dander, mold, and other allergens can settle in your air ducts. If left unaddressed, these contaminants could circulate throughout your home and create health issues for people with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues. Changing your air filters regularly will help keep a good amount of substances out of your air. Cleaning and maintaining your air ducts will also significantly reduce indoor contaminants.

Your air ducts are an important component of your HVAC system. Investing in annual HVAC maintenance and ensuring that your ductwork is in excellent condition will help maintain temperatures and airflow and keep your home as comfortable as possible.


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