How to Stage Your Home to Sell in Charleston

February 2, 2022

The goal of staging a home is to create a space that matches the buyer’s vision. The National Association of Realtors reports that 81% of buyers have an idea of their perfect home, and 82% of buyers say a staged home is easy to visualize living in.

In Charleston, staging a home requires the inclusion of unique characteristics that mirror the amenities of the city that entice buyers to the region. For instance, many Mount Pleasant homes for sale are staged to bring the vibe of the Charleston beaches into the home.

Other houses found in historic districts of Charleston attract historic home lovers while providing modern amenities. While there are universal staging rules, like the importance of decluttering, staging a home in Charleston is as unique as the city.

Bring the Beach Home

There is no hiding the impact of the beaches when in Charleston. The many beautiful beaches draw in large tourist crowds in summer and make Charleston a popular destination for winter homes.

If your home is near a beach or has a beach house style, the staging should build on this theme. Bring the beach into your home by keeping things light and focusing on outdoor spaces.

Keeping a staged home light means more than choosing light paint colors, although that is important. Beyond the white base and beachy accent colors like blue and green, your staging should include streamlined furniture and plenty of natural light. Coastal furniture is characterized by casual designs in light colors.

Decor made of rope and glass, like rope weaved baskets and light blue vases, give a home the same natural atmosphere as a day at the beach. Replace carpet with wood floors to match the beach vibe and stick to natural textures to bring the outdoors inside.

Lighting is essential for any home staging, and a beachy feel is no different. Keep drapes to a minimum or opt for sheer curtains that allow natural light to stream through. Mirrors make rooms appear larger by bouncing natural light into a room from a unique direction.

Natural light and a coastal color scheme are sure to catch the eye of a buyer looking for their beach vacation home.

Stage outdoor spaces.

Most homes do not stage outdoor areas; however, given Charleston’s beautiful weather and beaches, it is worth showcasing your home’s outdoor spaces. Create the ideal beachy outdoor space to catch buyers’ attention with shaded seating and comfortable furniture.

Shaded and sunny seating creates a comfortable spot for outdoor leisure time and gives you the chance to include native plants. The Southern Lady Fern grows to six feet and is native to Charleston. For more shade, you could outfit your porch with an awning or a pergola.

Comfortable seating like a swinging bench or hammock beckons to relaxing times by the beach. Combined with a central gathering piece like a table or a fire pit, your outdoor space will enhance your home’s beach atmosphere substantially.

If you are selling a home in any of the beach communities of Charleston, like Folly Beach, staging your outdoor spaces is a great idea.

Stage Historic Homes for the Modern Buyer

Charleston is home to a storied history embodied by historic homes. Tourists take in the Historic Downtown Charleston rentals that adjoin businesses and historical sites to form the revived historic district.

When staging in an area so steeped in the past that also attracts modern families, it is best to maintain historical styles while updating interior amenities. This means applying new paint while keeping historic color palettes, manufacturing space and modernizing high traffic areas.

Add new paint, keep old style.

One of the keys to staging a home is making it look fresh and clean. A new coat of paint, even if it is just for the curb facing side of the house, instantly improves the curb appeal and overall look of the home. In most home stagings, neutral colors do better, so the exterior should stay neutral.

The interior of a historic home is one of the few exceptions to this rule, as interior paint with some color, like green-gray, works well with hardwood trim. Exercise caution in paint choice, as bold colors can scare buyers away before they give your home a fair chance.

Create space.

Older homes often have many smaller rooms rather than the open floor plans currently in vogue. While buyers interested in historic homes know what they are getting themselves into, it is good to stage your home in a way that exaggerates the available space. As with all stagings, remove excess clutter and reduce the amount of furniture in a room.

Another space-enhancing practice is floating your furniture. Position furniture away from walls to create the feeling of more space. Remove heavy drapes from the windows and let in natural light. Also, including standing mirrors or large hanging mirrors in rooms increases natural light and gives the perception of extra space.

Modernize important areas.

While it is essential to keep the historic features of your home, like arched windows and ornate crown moldings, some features need updating to accommodate the modern buyer. Kitchens and bathrooms especially need to feature the latest appliances. For instance, your kitchen should include large sinks and updated appliances.

You can keep a bathroom’s historical atmosphere and outfit it with modern toilets and large walk-in showers. These amenities became popular because they make a home easy to live in. Include these updates to show buyers that your home is a perfect mix of livable and vintage.

Stage for the Buyer and Sell Quickly

Charleston is a popular location, so people covet property here. Stage your home and pander to the buyer’s idea of the perfect home to set your house apart from others on the market. Whether your home is by the beach or is a historic beauty, there are unique staging styles for every home that accentuate Charleston’s many desirable amenities.

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