How to write a travel essay?

February 18, 2022

Let's start with what they teach us at school in English lessons – we will make a plan for the future text. It is clear that the topic of travel in English is diverse: both the 5th grade writes such a work, and students compose essays on exams. However, we will try to make such an action plan so that it will be useful for writing a story about the trip in English for both kids and adults. Additionally, it is a great idea to study essay samples from professionals on essay writing platforms like PaperWritingService. Learners of all ages can explore some of the techniques used and try applying them. However, what's long to say, let's get to work. If you struggle with academic writing, a coursework writing service will be very helpful for you. They have the best professional writers to drive your success.

What to write about?

The first problem that students have to face is not even the vocabulary or syntaxis, but the disclosure of the topic "journey". Most people at school don’t know when to start when writing the “How I spent my summer?” essay. The same complexity is here, only more thoughts need to be formulated.

Therefore, to begin with, we will analyze possible topics you can use.

So, what can I write about? Here are some sketches to reveal the topic:

  • My journey (a story about an excursion, a trip to another city or abroad, going on a picnic);
  • Unforgettable travel stories (fascinating facts, unusual discoveries, funny incidents);
  • Traveling as a hobby (what you like, what benefits it brings, what difficulties, etc.);
  • Biographies of famous travelers (expeditions, discoverers, navigators).

In addition, in the student essay, you can list tips for travelers, reflect on the topic of open borders, unions of states, etc. So there are more than enough options for writing an essay. The only question is whether there are enough examples, experience, and general knowledge to cover the chosen topic.

The travel topic is popular not only among travel bloggers and those who write in the lifestyle format. It is universal for any blog, the main thing is to present the trip from the right perspective.

But how to organize the work? Where can I find interesting speakers? How to find inspiration? We will answer all these questions right now!

Don't rewrite Wikipedia

No one is interested in reading for the thousandth time about a romantic weekend in Paris or about how delicious pasta is in Italy. When choosing a topic, go from the specific to the general. Think about what associations you have with the country. For example, Japan is sushi, technology, anime.

If we take anime, then why is this particular subculture so popular in the world?

Communicate, eavesdrop, record

Tell us about what no one else, except you, has seen and experienced. Before the trip, look at what has already been written on this topic. You will always find something that no one has written about yet. And never put it off "for later". You need to work here and now. Write down quotes, names, stories of taxi drivers, artisans, any people you meet on the journey.

Forget about the author — no one is interested in him

Who are you to conclude a country after being in it for five days? The stories of residents will help to make the main outline around which you will build the text. To do this, it is important to communicate with people. Now such a direction as storytelling is popular in travel journalism — storytelling through the prism of the hero of the text. It is not your position that matters, but the position of the hero. Real people are the main focus.

Create an intrigue

It is important not only that the reader opens the text by clicking on the title, but also that he reads to the end. There are two ways:

start with a quote. "Mother said to fill this casket with pearls," says our guide. The reader immediately has a lot of questions: why is this necessary? Could the hero find the pearls? Next comes the story, and the intrigue with the casket and the pearls is revealed only at the very end;

a violation of chronology. For example, the story begins with a description of a situation when the author of the text, a tourist with an expensive camera, finds himself in danger threatening his life. At the very least, the robbers will take away his expensive equipment. And then the phrase follows in the text: "Two hours before these events."

Never write a text while traveling

During the trip, it is better to write down the details, but not to write a future writing piece. You'll do it when you get back. The information must settle down and the analytical part of the brain to turn on.

Respect the reader

Add subheadings to the text, do not forget about the introduction, use fonts that are pleasant to the eye. And be sure to check the text for errors:

  • no extra adjectives. Wonderful, gorgeous, amazing — all this does not mean anything to the reader and makes your text amateur;
  • do not use the subjunctive voice: it was not the house that was built, but someone who built the house. This brings us back to the hero again.

Monetize the travel experience

Firstly, you can offer cooperation to hotels, restaurants and so on. If you need to write about a hotel, find a story, for example, about a ghost living there, and submit it through the eyes of the maitre d'.

Secondly, suggest topics to the editor of travel publications. The editors' contacts can be taken on the website or from the magazine itself, they are publicly available. Before writing, look at the rubricator and study the publication in detail. Don't write "I want to write for you" or "I want to write about Nepal". Offer something concrete right away, formalize your thoughts into a synopsis — what questions do you want to answer with this text?

By the way, even if you haven't been to the country, the material can still be done: look for experts and talk to them. Moreover, you can get support from the best assignment writing service online.


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