How Virtual Reality Tours Help Sell Your Home

February 22, 2022

Virtual Reality is the hyper-realistic simulation that either recreates an existing real-world environment or creates a completely new virtual environment.

Once considered merely a figment in the realm of Science Fiction, it is now rising off the pages of sci-fi novels and television screens and entering the real world!

Already popular amongst video game enthusiasts as it provides an ultra-realistic gaming experience, virtual reality is now also being utilized in multiple fields like Architecture, Real Estate, Designing, Entertainment, Tourism, Hospitality, etc.

3D Rendering Services and Virtual Reality Tours are the latest trends taking over the Real Estate Businesses, as these can be utilized to remotely provide a great user interface for potential clients with their desired property. This technology has seen a boom, especially since the Pandemic hampered close human interactions and replaced them with virtual ones.

If you are a realtor looking to increase the conversion rate of your listings, read on to find out more about Virtual Reality Tours and how they can help you grow your business.

What are Virtual Reality Tours?

Virtual Tours offer the user a semi-immersive, first-person interface with the simulation of a real environment. When it comes to Real Estate, they provide a medium for potential customers to check out a property before even visiting it in person.

They provide the customer with more visual information than photographs and videos and give a near accurate idea of the space and dimensions of the property.

3D Real Estate Walkthroughs are based on the technology of rendering realistic 3D models of your property using CGI. Here, a fully-interactive environment is created, which in turn shows off not just the interiors but also the exteriors and surroundings of your property. The interface also allows the customers to change furniture, materials, lighting, etc., on the virtual property according to their preference, thus giving them more room to examine the property in accurate detail!

How can They be Advantageous While Selling Property?

The use of VR in selling property has multiple advantages. It increases the convenience of the clients as well as the credibility of the seller. The most important benefits of using Virtual Reality Tours are as follows:

Time-Savers for Clients

If someone wishes to check out a huge plot, it can be quite time and energy-consuming. Virtual Reality tours of properties are major time-savers because they eliminate this problem, and a property can be effectively explored by a client at their fingertips, literally!

Easily Accessible

With the help of these simulations, a client can easily visualize every detail of the property. It is highly accessible, as all it takes is for you to send the custom URL Link or QR Code of your property, which the client can then access on any compatible device, from smartphones to VR Glasses and Headsets!

Highly Immersive and Convenient

A Virtual trip of a property is highly immersive and interactive, and various features which might escape the eye on site will immediately be noticeable in a 3D rendering, making it possible for the client to zero in on them. Virtual modifications can also be made by the customers, and they can explore their preferences much better.

Available 24/7

Whether you upload the 3D Tour publicly on a website or send it specifically to some customers, it is available all the time. 24-hour availability is considered quite ideal, especially when it comes to property, where careful considerations can be made over long periods.

A Step Closer to the Future

As we continue towards our quest for comfort, virtual tours can be considered the future, because it eliminates the need for multiple trips on-site, and easily, one can check out multiple options from the comfort of their home.

Independence for the Client

The client can spend as much time exploring the property, which is not possible in a real-world setting.

Cost-Effective to Create

Creating a 3D Virtual Walkthrough is a one-time affair, and can be done in a day. The cost of services for this exercise is much less than what it would cost for maintenance and labor charges otherwise when clients would repeatedly visit the property.


A 3D virtual tour of a property is much more realistic for a potential client than a simple blueprint of a 2D floor plan, or just the pictures of the property.

Filters out the most interested buyers

It saves time for realtors, too, as potential clients who are casually browsing their options can already check out the property without the involvement of the realtor, through the VR Walkthrough. Only those clients who are genuinely interested in buying the property will contact you.

In Conclusion

Creating a Virtual Walkthrough of your property ups the odds of it finding more interested customers, as now, it is accessible beyond the barriers of distance and time.

If you wish to grow your Real Estate business, you should consider it important to hire the best 3D Rendering services available to create the best experiences for the buyer.

Plus Render is a leading firm that offers multiple services, from 3D Image Rendering of individual spaces of your lot to full 3D Walkthroughs. Including these renderings on your website will attract more potential buyers, thus potentially increasing the chances of selling your home at the best price!

Happy Listing!


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