Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022

February 22, 2022

No matter if you’re bored of the way your home looks after being stuck indoors for almost two full years or if you’re someone who simply likes to stay on top of trends and have a home that follows all the latest fashions in home décor, you might be considering making a change to your living abode. With that in mind, here are some interior design trends that will be huge in 2022.

Choosing from a variety of colors

For starters, you can simply swap the color palette of your home for a huge change. Painting the walls in warm, neutral tones like subtle blue and green tones can make the world of difference but you can also stick to beiges, browns, and tans. While bold colors might not be a huge trend, you don’t have to neglect them completely. Bring in some pops of yellow and pink through statement pieces and accents like art, throw pillows, and even funky wallpapers.

Implementing natural materials

In addition to a natural color palette, you also want to use natural materials. As replacing all the floors in your home can be a pricey project, it might not be within reach. However, there are various other things you can do. For example, look for living room furniture such as a bamboo side table or bookshelf, jute rug, and a seagrass basket at where you can keep your blankets or magazines.

Using more marble

Another material you should think about adding more of is marble. Although it can be expensive, replacing your kitchen counter surfaces will instantly transform your home. Besides using it for counters and islands, you can even use marble as the backsplash if the current one seems a bit outdated. What is more, this material doesn’t have to stay only in the kitchen – you can easily incorporate it into your bathrooms as well. From the vanity countertops to the shower walls, marble is a versatile material that is timeless and gorgeous.

Maximizing natural lighting

Natural light comes with various health benefits, which is why bringing in as much of it as you can is vital for your wellbeing. In case you can’t replace all the windows in your home with bigger models that will let in more sunshine, look for other ways of maximizing the light that you do get. For one, either find some trendy curtains that will let in plenty of light or get rid of them completely. Additionally, you can use more mirrors that will reflect the light as well as opt for white and similar bright colors that will not absorb all the light that gets in.

Keeping the minimalism approach

Minimalism has been popular for quite some time now and it’s not going away quite yet. While there might be fewer things in your home, this approach certainly improves its functionality and livability. With that in mind, you want to keep decluttering and steer clear of purchasing items that have no purpose in your living quarters. Moreover, stick to visual simplicity by using only one or two main materials per room, like steel and wood, for example.

Creating multifunctional spaces

It’s not uncommon to be short on space, especially if you live in an apartment. However, there is no need to worry as creating multifunctional spaces is all the rage in 2022. For starters, you can look for furniture pieces that are easily converted into something else, like a coffee table that can also serve as a desk when working from home. On the other hand, if you have to work from the kitchen island, make sure you have plenty of light so that you don’t strain your eyes. Then, you should make the most out of the space beneath your stairs and use it as storage with cute little cubbies or find an ottoman that can be used as seating, surface, and storage.

Including a home office

When working with a bigger budget and more space, you can also consider adding a home office, especially if telecommuting has become a common practice in your everyday life. Whether you will alter a spare room a bit to suit your needs better or add a whole new structure in the yard is up to you. However, make sure it meets all your needs, in terms of internet, storage, functionality, and ergonomics.

Introducing Zen spaces

The world is becoming increasingly more hectic with each passing day, so it’s only normal that you need some peace and quiet where you can go to escape it all. As traveling is still not a possibility for everyone, why not create such a space for yourself right at home? For example, with some minor upgrades, you can easily turn your en-suite bathroom into a Zen space. Start by introducing more wooden accents; from a bath tray to a bath mat, there are many items to consider. Make the most of essential oils while there to help you relax. Furthermore, if you have a yard, you can also create a little serene spot for yourself there, where you will get plenty of fresh air and vitamin D.

Making your bedroom an oasis for sleep

While the yard and bathroom can be used as relaxing Zen areas, you also want your bedroom to be a true oasis that will inspire quality sleep. With that in mind, it’s essential that you invest in a top-notch mattress and pillow that will support your body in all the right places. Then, you need bedding made from materials like cotton and wool that will help you regulate body temperature naturally, such as beautiful quilts and soft sheets. Lastly, you can invest in blackout blinds that will ensure your sleep is never interrupted by street lights.

Looking for furniture pieces with round edges

Something else to consider when following the interior design trends of 2022 is incorporating furniture pieces with round edges. Avoid straight, sharp lines and opt for softer edges, no matter if you’re purchasing a sofa for the living room or a dining room table that will make this space more stylish. Pieces like these are certain to make your home more inviting.

Incorporating vintage pieces

Besides softer edges, 2022 is also all about vintage pieces. From thrifting a mid-century headboard that you can add to your bed in a local second-hand store to looking for a nice rug at a garage sale down the street all the way to finding amazing previously owned pieces online like ottomans and armoires, the options truly abound if you’re looking to add some old-world charm to your home.

Finding interesting bars for the living room

If you like to host parties often, you will most likely benefit from a liquor cabinet. However, don’t settle for something ordinary. Look for a vintage cabinet that you can upcycle and make it look truly stunning in a color such as navy blue. Or, keep it simple with a vintage drink trolley that can be moved around as you please. In case you have an empty corner, there’s no better purpose for it than this clever adults-only entertainment hack.

Opting for statement lamps

Regardless of how much natural light your home gets during the day, you still need some artificial lights. With that in mind, you want to find some that are in accordance with the trends of 2022. This year is all about statement lamps so make sure you do a proper online search to find something eye-catching but functional at the same time. From getting a floor lamp for your reading nook to a table lamp that will complement your living room’s side table, you will surely find something impressive.

Adding black accents

Although the color palette for 2022 is pretty calm and earthy, you can still combine it with plenty of black accents. For instance, a black matte lamp will act as a phenomenal focal piece. Then, you can also get a black frame for a mirror in the living room or look for a set of tables with black legs. The best thing about this trend is that it can be incorporated in most areas, from kitchen taps to bathroom hardware.

Bringing the outdoors in

Seeing as how we don’t get enough free time to spend in the great outdoors, this year is focused on bringing nature inside our homes. So, in addition to using plenty of natural materials, we can also introduce various houseplants into our homes to feel more connected to nature. Moreover, combining outdoor and indoor spaces by doing some bigger remodeling projects is also a possibility that many individuals are opting for.

Focusing on sustainability

Last but most certainly not least, 2022 is putting sustainability into the spotlight. From using materials that are good for the environment like cork and reclaimed wood to installing low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets, there are various ways how interior décor can contribute to the planet’s preservation. Sticking to minimalism and not buying new things as well as finding vintage pieces that can be reused are all a big part of this movement that you should not overlook.

When looking to change up your home’s appearance, you should keep these 2022 trends in mind. Good luck with your project!


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