Must-Have Items in Your Listing Presentation for Realtors

February 17, 2022

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With many circumstances in life, the first impression you make on a potential client can be the difference between getting the listing and not. One way to ensure success after a listing presentation is to be as prepared as possible.

Below we will look at a few "must-haves" when it comes to your listing home for sale as well as a few commonly made mistakes to avoid.

A Comparative Market Analysis (Preliminary)

A comparative market analysis, or CMA for short, is a report that compares the sales price of similar homes in your area. This analysis is useful to show sellers what they should expect their home's value to be based on the current market trends.

While that number is subject to change once you have done a thorough walk-through of the home, potential clients will appreciate seeing rough numbers as a jumping-off point.

Past Listings

A potential client is going to want to know how you list properties. Having copies of past listings in a real estate listing presentation way is a perfect way to show them exactly what you plan on doing with their home and how you plan on marketing it in order to sell in a short period of time and for top dollar.

Have a few different options for the client to look at, especially if there is a similar listing to the property they are trying to sell. Explain to them that you plan to raise the bar for their home in order to sell quickly, but that they are the ones who get to determine if it is worth doing or not.

Also advise them how you are going to list their properties in market and the mistakes they might make if they list the house without a professional realtor.


While you will likely have photographs in the prior listings, it is important to showcase the best photography that you have in order to show the client your capability. Whether you are using professional photography or have taken your own, have photos showing the home's best features/aspects as well as areas that need attention.

Relevant Personal Achievements

Now is the time to brag! If you have won any awards for your real estate work in the past, find out if the potential client might be interested in that information to show off.

Another personal achievement that can be turned into a selling point is using social media to promote yourself and gain exposure. If you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other networks, let them know about your presence!

Past Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a great way to show a potential client how well you work with others. Also known as "reference checks", these can be very effective in winning over a listing. When providing the testimonials, it is important to provide contact information so that they can be reached for further questions if necessary.

If you don't have many past clients to draw from, consider asking other industry professionals for their words of recommendation. For example, if you have helped a client navigate a tricky financing condition, having the mortgage broker speak to the experience can be equally effective.

List of Other Offered Services

While you should trust your gut instincts, it is possible that your potential client may have other needs to help them sell their home. If they are not interested in having a staging company do the work, or if you don't offer that service, think about what else you can offer to take up that slack.

For example, perhaps they need to get their home ready for the market but cannot afford a staging company. Offer to lend them some furniture or other items free of charge if they allow you to take photos with it in the shot.

Common Mistakes Made in Listing Presentations

As mentioned above, there are a few things that should not be included in your listing presentation. If you have any of the following items present, it is time to go back to the drawing board and edit them out!


A Contract/Multiple Contracts

When you are pitching a client on the value of your services, you run the risk of losing their trust by trying to rush them into a decision. While it is okay to include a contract as part of your printouts for your meeting, do not try and pressure them into signing documents during the initial meeting.

Too Much Information

While it may be tempting to provide as much information and as many documents as possible, this may end up having a negative effect. Keep your meeting to a reasonable length and, if the client has questions, try to answer them at that time.

Including financial information will probably not end up in a sale either. Unless you are providing an extensive package of services that includes staging and marketing as well, do not include financial projections or other types of estimates that may lead them astray.

Information Not Related to the Listing

Do your best to stay focused on what is in front of you, not what may come later or what you are currently working on. By showing that you can remain focused on the job at hand will show that you are a serious professional that they should do business with.

Now that you know what not to do, it's time for the good stuff. It is important to remember that all of your hard work will be worth it when someone decides to enlist your help to sell their home!



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