Sooner Overhead Door Maintenance Tips and Tricks

February 10, 2022

An Overhead door is a type of garage door that slides across the top section of an opening in a home, and it can be opened using either an electric motor or a hand crank. The sooner overhead door is very important for your home because it can protect you and your family members against burglars, home invasions, and other criminals. This may be considered the safest way to enter or exit your house. It can provide security and privacy, and it can also help protect your home against weather damage (e.g., rain and snow). It has many other functions that you may not have known about.

In this article, we will show you how to maintain an overhead door, and we will also discuss its many benefits.

Sooner Overhead Door Problems

There are many different problems that may affect an overhead door. We will discuss some of them in the following paragraphs.

Spring Issue

The first problem you may run into is a broken spring. A broken spring does not immediately sound like a serious problem, but it can be very dangerous if you or someone else tries to lift a door that has a broken spring. Once you notice a broken spring, it is important for you to have it repaired as soon as possible. A broken spring can easily be replaced by a professional or by a handy homeowner, but it should only be handled by someone who knows what he or she is doing. You should take care of these garage doors to keep them maintained for a long time.

Cable Issue

Another problem you may run into with an overhead door is a broken cable. Like a broken spring, a broken cable is extremely dangerous because an open door does not have any support. As soon as you notice that one of the cables has snapped, it is important for you to have your overhead door professionally repaired. A broken cable can be fixed by a skilled handyman, but it is dangerous for someone who does not know what they are doing to attempt to fix it.


The door may also get crooked or misaligned. A door that is not properly aligned will not function properly, and it may need to be adjusted by a professional. Of course, a door that is bent or crooked may also be due to physical damage.

Rollers or Track Issues

A sooner overhead door may also not roll smoothly, or it may get stuck. This is due to issues with the track or roller system. If the door is not rolling smoothly, the track or rollers may need to be replaced.

Insufficient Lighting

Another problem that you may need to fix is insufficient lighting. Some modern sooner overhead doors come with built-in lighting, but you may need to install some additional lighting on your door if it does not have any. You should also regularly check your overhead door for any damage or cracks, and make sure the lighting works.

Keeping Your Sooner Overhead Door In Good Condition

Here are steps to follow when maintaining your overhead door:

  • Inspect the overhead door regularly. This is important to ensure that your overhead door is secure and in good condition. You should inspect it regularly, especially when a storm or a hurricane is about to begin.
  • Clean your overhead door regularly. Regular inspection and cleaning will help ensure that your overhead door is working properly. You can use a soft-bristled brush for this task, and you should clean the rails, tracks, and wheels of your door.
  • Fix any problems that you find immediately. You should address any issues that you find when inspecting and cleaning your door right away. When you find a loose part on the opener, tighten it with a crescent wrench. If the sensors of your opener are misaligned or damaged, then you can use a hammer to tap them gently until they work properly again.
  • When you find rust on the screws, or if you notice that your door is not working properly, contact a professional sooner overhead door service to avoid making the problem worse.
  • You should get an overhead door opener with sensors so you can avoid hitting the person or car that is under or near the door. You should also consider a remote control opener to make sure that you can open and close your door even when you are far away from it.

When Do You Need A Sooner Overhead Door Repair Professional

If you notice that your door is not working properly, then you should have a professional service it as soon as possible when things are not in your hands. An inexperienced person may cause more damage to your door. In some cases, you may even need a professional overhead door service because of severe damage due to natural disasters or accidents.

These are all the things that you need to do in order to maintain your door. You should always inspect, clean, and fix your door on a regular basis. If you do not want to deal with it yourself, then you can always contact an overhead door service for help.

Do You Need to Replace Your Sooner Overhead Door?

If you have an older, worn-out overhead door at your home, then it may be time to consider replacing it with a newer, more modern one. Replacing your door by a sooner overhead door professional is a good idea if you have an older overhead door that has been damaged by natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes. An old overhead door will only become more worn out over time, and it may need to be replaced sooner than you expect.


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